Road Trip Essential Tips

We’ve been talking about road trips in our house recently. My daughter and I have one coming up and then we’re looking at planning a memorable family road trip next summer. As such, we’ve been considering our road trip essentials and here’s what we’ve come up with. Know Your Road Trippers This one is the …

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Book Readalong October 2023

Welcome to this month’s book readalong. As you know, I absolutely love the book readalong, it’s always one of my favourite #BringBackPaper activities.  If you’ve yet to join in with one of these readalongs, let me tell you a little more about it and tempt you to join us. The book readalong is an easy …

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That Was Our Summer

And just like that, the kids are back to school and that was our summer. They’re both back now, my boy in Year 6 his last year at primary school, and my daughter into Year 9. We’ve got a meeting at her school this week covering GCSE options, no easing us in on this! To …

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Little Man Is 11!

Today sees us celebrating a birthday here as Little Man is 11! He’ll be starting his last year of primary school in a few days time and I look at him and see how much he’s grown up over the past few years. When he started school he was very shy and reluctant to join …

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Top Up Your Bookshelves!

This is a collaborative post Let’s talk books today, let’s talk about topping up your bookshelves. We could all do with topping them up, and why not do that today?!  If you’re someone who has A LOT of books, like me, you know it makes sense to get more.  If you’re someone who likes to …

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Free Summer To-Do List

Today, I’m giving you a free cute summer to-do list printable, so download it and get going!  Oh, how I love a list, and a cute themed one is even better.  Previously I have shared flowery writing paper, autumn writing paper, Halloween paper, spring paper, Valentine paper, Bunting paper, Easter Chicks paper and Christmas paper …

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9 Strategies For Helping Your Child Explore Future Career Options

This is a collaborative post Most parents instinctively want what’s best for their children. This may be even more true for Singapore’s expat population, as many in the community have uprooted themselves from their familiar lives back home so that they can better provide for their families. Those that have brought over their families to …

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