Herbie on sofa

Two Years Of Herbie

We’ve had two years of Herbie here. Two years. That time really has flown by. I realised we’d collected him from the breeders a little over two years ago when my photos started flashing up from a couple of years ago of a tiny Herbie! He was so utterly adorable, though he still is, of …

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The Catch

Book Readalong April 2021

Today we are talking about books, as I introduce next month’s book readalong, one of my absolute favourite #BringBackPaper activities! If you’ve yet to join in with one of these readalongs, let me tell you a little more about it and tempt you to join us. The book readalong is an easy activity to get …

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bookshelves and plant

My Little Pick Me Ups

This has been the year of appreciating the simple things in life, hasn’t it? Or put another way, appreciating the things that actually matter. Without being able go to out during our free time, we’ve slowed down. We’ve had time, more than enough time, to work out the things that we’re actually missing and the …

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windows of a house

Trouble-free Home Maintenance: 5 Types of Upkeep to Avoid Leaving Until Later

This is a collaborative post Not all home maintenance work is trouble-free. Nevertheless, the more practised we are with working through what’s needed, the more capable we become. It’s the same with working on a vehicle ahead of a garage servicing, and it’s often true with our homes too.  Here are 5 types of upkeep …

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book pile

Book Swap March 2021

Welcome to this month’s Bring Back Paper activity, a book swap. I love the book swap, because books are absolutely magical. Books are a place to lose yourself, to travel to somewhere new and to walk in someone else’s shoes for a short while. A book swap is a fun way to read something new, …

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