10 Quick Trips To Get A Break From London Life In 2020

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Life in the capital comes with so many benefits. You’re never short of things to see and do, and new experiences to try, but the pace of life can take its toll.

A quarter of Londoners have set their sights on moving, a recent study found.

Getting away from it all, even for a day, can be crucial to get a much-needed recharge, so here are 10 short trips you can make in the south.


OK, another city, but Bristol runs at an entirely different pace to London. Its marina continues to grow as a hub of bars and restaurants where you can sit in the sun, next to the water, and recentre yourself.


The Cotswolds have long been a go-to destination for those looking to escape the city, and this village, with its iconic Arlington Row – a string of cottages that have stood for nearly 700 years – a perfect spot to unwind.


If it’s good enough for the Royals… The castle and its many monarchical artefacts are a mecca for anyone interested in the history of the ruling classes, but Legoland is also perfect for families, or big kids!


Heading east to Suffolk is an idea for the archaeologically minded, with Sutton Hoo – a brilliantly preserved ship-burial site for an Anglo Saxon king offering a window into life way back in our past.


Lush parks, punting on the river and marvelling at the architecture. Get the train to take even more strain off. Travelling from Cambridge to Hatfield Herts, in the heart of the commuter belt, takes just an hour.


One of the country’s most famous spots, the area is a great spot to take a walk around, before visiting the famous monument, thought to be crucial to Pagan ritual.


One of the country’s most quaint cities, and home to Leeds Castle, first built in the 11th Century. Now a modern-day destination for all the family, its maze, stunning gardens and rich history will keep everyone entertained.


The pier, the beach, The Lanes. An hour on the train, and you’re a world away in ‘London-by-the-sea’. With its kitsch cafes and trendy bars, this is the perfect destination for those who don’t want to completely forget the good things the capital has to offer.

Isle of Wight

If you’ve got time for a long weekend, why not take the ferry to the Isle of Wight, with its idyllic way of living. Island life will slow you down significantly, with walking and cycling taking precedence over rushing from spot to spot.


If Brighton still seems too fast-paced, why not head to the Seven Sisters Country Park, and take a stroll atop one of the most iconic stretches of coastline in the UK.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post 

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