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Hello and welcome to Word of the Week! It was so lovely to be back last week after the Christmas break, and an absolute pleasure reading and sharing your words.

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My word of the week this week is:


Now those who know me would attest to the fact that patience is most definitely not one of my virtues!

My patience has been tested over the past few days, with Little Man and I full of colds at the end of last week and then with Boo having a sick bug over the weekend. That also meant that she stayed home on Monday, a day that felt longer than usual as the Husband had to work up in Leeds that day so was up a couple of hours earlier than normal (which meant I was wide awake, too, of course) and came home two hours later than his usual time, too. Oh boy, Monday felt like a long day! Then Little Man was back to nursery on Tuesday and he made it very clear, from 6am that day, that he did not want to go. I really felt for him, but I know he needs to go and it will take time to settle. He’s back there again today, and he cried about it off and on all of yesterday so I’m anticipating another difficult morning.

The knock on effects of these events have been less time to work as plans have gone to pot a little, and I struggled to concentrate on my uni work on Tuesday as I was worrying about my boy. Ah well, it also meant that I baked more, read more, and played more. All good things, right?

I do think that my ability to remain patient and keep my temper (it does have a tendency to flare) is down to last week’s word ‘Slow’. I’m still there, the feeling is lasting, the planning, organising and minimising distractions is all working to keep me sane and ticking over. A week like this could easily have gone a different way with a different attitude, but you’ll still find me dancing round the kitchen and taking every moment I can to cuddle my kids.

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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35 thoughts on “Word of the Week 15/1/16”

  1. Aww sorry for all the illness lovely. We have had the same. You feel out of routine and tired! Sounds like despite it you have had some quality time with the kiddies and done some baking. Yum! Hope next week everyone is well and back to normal. Thanks for hosting xx

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  3. So glad that slowing down has helped you to stay patient – it certainly sounds like you have had a very trying week and sorry to hear that you, Boo and Little Man have all been unwell over the last week. Hope you are all now feeling better. I can imagine how hard it must be with Little Man struggling to adjust to going to nursery and I really hope he settles soon – it is so heartbreaking dropping them off when they cry for you, isn’t it? Hope that you have a lovely weekend to make up for all the challenges of the past week! Thanks for hosting #WotW, always love linking up 🙂

    1. We’re all better now, thanks. Patience has been key all week! Little Man shows no sign up adjusting yet, in fact he’s getting much worse, so we will see. Thanks x

  4. Sounds like you’ve needed your patience, hope he soon settles at nursery and it all becomes less fraught. Hoping you have a relaxed weekend, thanks for hosting x

  5. Aww poor thing – being full of cold is not pleasant. Hope you are all well now. Cuddles are a lovely thing whether poorly or not. My daughter has just started to cuddle and kiss us. Thanks for hosting.

  6. I can hear your patience failing in this post! I’m not good at patience, either, but somehow get through it and you will too. Sorry to hear about all the bugs in the house, it’s always more challenging when you’re poorly as well as the children, but hopefully they’ll all be short lived. As for the settling in at Nursery, I think it’ll all come good with time. I had similar issues when Little Mister started his first nursery, and it feels awful when you’re leaving them and they’re crying doesn’t it? Unnatural, almost. I’m sure he’ll adjust soon.

    Thanks for hosting, I love catching up with people’s weeks

    1. It’s been a test, but I’ve managed to stay calm! It does feel unnatural, I just hope he can settle very soon. Thank you x

  7. Hi Jocelyn, is not always easy being patient, but it does pay off in the long run. I hope the children are both bright and healthy now and that you get to catch up on any Uni work you’ve fallen behind in.


    1. It certainly does, I’ve felt much better this week remaining patient. I’ve got my assignment in, so that’s a weight off. I should be OK now, thanks x

  8. Ah sounds like a hard week, I hope they are both feeling much better. He will settle into nursery it might just take time. It must be strange when you see ti from their point of view, but he has many happy years ahead of him I am sure. I hope you all have a better week ahead of you xx

  9. sounds like a testing week, glad that your patience is holding out, and that being slow has helped too! hope things are a little less difficult next week x

  10. I hope everyone is feeling better now, it can be so tough when family is ill and hubby is not around. Sounds like tough week, I hope little man settles into nursery soon, it can be very upsetting as a parent to watch. x

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