£150 Wayfair Gift Card Give-Away

Well, have I got a treat for you! Yes, the lovely people over at Wayfair are offering my readers a chance to win a giftcard to spend at Wayfair.co.uk.

Wayfair is an an online homeware retailer with over 350,000 products currently in stock. They offer products from top manufacturers around the world and guarantee absolute satisfaction, and when I had a good browse, I was impressed by both the vast range on offer, and the delivery and shipping costs and speeds. Wayfair are huge in the US, and I’m quite sure will soon be so in the UK, too. Plenty to choose from in homeware, for the garden, for the kids – believe me, you’ll find something you like there!

I was drawn to the range for children’s rooms, with everything from bookcases and rugs to beds to toys. And then once I’d satisfied myself that I’d put the kids first, I tootled off to check out all of the kitchen appliances, storage and linen on offer, as we’re just starting to think about redecorating our kitchen. Very practical of me still, I feel, so I then fully indulged myself and searched for a writing bureau (regular readers will know that I so want one!) and I was so excited to see that they not only have them, but they have several and they are gorgeous! Ah, to dream…..


What would you look for? Do you fancy having a spend with them? I’ve got one £150 gift card to give-away to one lucky reader, so to be in with a chance of winning it, comment on this post letting me know which of my other posts you’ve been most enjoying, and then you need to enter using the rafflecopter below. Competition ends 25th September 2014, open to UK residents only.

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Good luck!

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387 thoughts on “£150 Wayfair Gift Card Give-Away”

  1. Another vote for Our First Build-A-Bear Workshop Experience – my kids love build a bear – its quite expensive but so much fun and better than just buying a bear – the experience is great!

  2. Well I just launched right into the Superfresco wallpaper challenge which I enjoyed as I’m looking for ideas just now. If hubby thinks this will be easier it might even get him to start decorating a bit quicker!

  3. I really enjoyed reading your Papery Peep August. I’ve been interested in your bring back paper campaign.

  4. I loved reading “9 Indoor Activities To Do With A 16 Month-Old”. My daughter is 19 months old and she’s been climbing everywhere since she started pulling herself up. Very scary sometimes. We too love playdoh and drawing 🙂 the best drawings are always on the walls 😀 thank God for washable pens and paint on the walls 🙂

  5. Liked reading your Fabulous Name Labels – Step Away from the Iron & Needle post. I have got some similar ones from Easy2name but if they come off will try your suggestion 🙂

  6. I liked looking at your living room makeover P: I’m redecorating my bedroom at the moment, and I love anything to do with interior design, so looooove this! <3

  7. Our First Build-A-Bear Workshop Experience, mainly as it’s pretty awesome that they listened to autistic people and stopped supporting Autism Speaks (a big US charity who actually cause a LOT of harm to autistic people).

  8. SAVOUR – word of the week – I love playing with words and this article certainly made me think….I was discussing with a friend only yesterday, if you had to give ONE word as an alternative to Love what would you say ?

  9. Susan Crosswaite

    I like your ‘I’m loving……stationery’ post. I too get a buzz from a nice new notebook or pen – I’ve got drawers full of them!

  10. I spotted the banana loaf recipe which I think my son would enjoy! Might just attempt to make it myself 🙂

  11. Lorraine Tinsley

    Great prize, love your blog. I enjoyed reading about your Little Tykes bargains, my daughter always loves all their stuff when we are out so I might see if we can pick up some cheap 🙂

  12. Selina Jefferies

    I enjoyed reading 9 indoor activities to do with a 16 month old.
    I have a little one too so am always on the look out for tips and ideas.

  13. christine shelley

    Word of the week, made me reflect on this weeks unexpected holiday, OH last minute decion to go north and we had brilliant weather and a great time

    So my word – Brilliant

  14. I love reading your bring back paper posts especially the one about keeping a book journal (You’ll be pleased to know I sacked off a virtual journal and went back to a good old fashioned pen and notebook!)

  15. It’s got to be the Our First Build-A-Bear Workshop Experience one, those places are brilliant! My daughter wants to hold a Build a Bear party for her 5th birthday but it’s more expensive than we realised!

  16. I also enjoyed the 9 indoor activities to do with a 16 month old and found it very informative. My niece often stays over and she and my two year old get bored quite easily but I don’t like just sticking them in front of the tv.


    Loved this weeks Word of the week – I think a lot of mums and dads will be savouring the last few days with their babies before they start school and nursery this week 🙂

  18. Build a Bear post here too! My little girl is now not so little, but she still has her bears and all their get up, because she can’t bear (!!!) to part with them. Seriously, they are so cute :). xx

  19. When I first tweeted to you that time on Twitter asking if you was from Reading, I of course nosed around your blog and loved all your money saving ideas, I check back once a week and try to catch up on all the post. I couldn’t choose between my two favourites, so I’ve added them both.

    How we’ve reduced our weekly food shop: https://thereadingresidence.com/how-weve-reduced-our-weekly-food-shop

    and most recently, your Siblings – August post: https://thereadingresidence.com/siblings-august

    Me and Spud live in a flat, we don’t have a garden and the six weeks have been yet another hard summer to get through, especially as everywhere online you see photo’s of children enjoying themselves, I don’t feel jealous, I instead remember my own childhood and only wish I could of gave that to my boy xx

  20. I’m so glad you’re running this giveaway, Jocelyn. Naturally, I would love to win £150 to spend at Wayfair, but I’m delighted to have discovered not only your blog, but also Silent Sunday! P.S. Landscapes are my photographic nemesis, too!

  21. Our First Build-A-Bear Workshop Experience it was lovely to read and reminded me of the first time i took our kids to make one.

  22. Kellie Faggle McIntyre

    The “word of the week” post. Although I’m looking and can’t see you kept it up 😉

    Please point me in the right direction.

  23. I love bring back paper! I’m a lover of beautiful and different stationary so found this section very interesting. Will be keeping a check on the hashtag regularly on twitter x

  24. I am so jealous of your giveaway and hope I win. Wayfair is one of my favorite places to shop! Some fab finds and I have revamped my living room by Wayfair when I was in America. Love it.

  25. I have just spent the last 2 hrs wondering around and having a good read of your blog. There were a few I enjoyed so I’ll just name the last one I read which was ‘Siblings September’.

  26. I have had a good look around your blog and for me the word of the week is so on point for us this week, as we adjust to getting the kids back into the school routine and as I adjust t being back at work after a couple of weeks off

  27. You have written so many great post I found it difficult to choose my favourite. I decided to go with the blog I personally most informative which was your Top 20 Blogger Tips.
    I have heard so much about blogging over the past few years and have previously shied away from creating my own. Some great tips and advice for us novices 🙂 thanks
    Loved it, Liked it, Shared it! 🙂 xXx

  28. Oh, and not forgetting my other top favourite blog of your…Guilt and Motherhood – Hand in Hand!
    Every parent in the world could relate to this one for sure 🙂 thanks for making me feel less guilty…we are not alone! Xxx

  29. Banana Loaf recipe… I love to add sunflower seeds,oats,dried berries or chopped nuts to vary it every time..delicious and really cheap to make

  30. I really enjoyed reading Tale of the Brave for My Birthday Boy. We’re huge fans of Drayton Manor, was great to read about such a wonderful birth day treat

  31. I love seeing flowers so your September Garden post was nice to read. I’ve never seen a dianthus chianti double before so it was nice to discover something new.

  32. I loved in the garden with daddy, the doing simplest things can be so much fun when mummy or daddy get involved. Build a Bear was also a lovely read.

  33. I love the My Garden in September post – we live in a flat so no garden but I do enjoy looking at other people’s gardens ;o)

  34. I’m Loving….Livie & Luca, they have the cutest little shoes, might have to brouse through their site once baby finally decides to come out 😉

  35. I love the garden design for kids post Jocelyn… mine are a little to young at the moment but I love creative ideas to give kids ownership of their environment

  36. The pulled pork – something I’ve cooked in my slow cooker before but always nice to see variations on a theme and ways to tweak a receipe 🙂

  37. Enjoyed the Bring Back Paper post – I think it’s so sad that years in the future no-one will have lovely letters to re-read to bring back happy memories – unless they print their e-mails/texts now so much will be lost!

  38. Our First Build-A-Bear Workshop Experience was great, we have not been yet and kids keep nagging so it’s given a good insight 🙂

  39. Any of the word of the week ones. I am a journalism student, so obviously English fascinates me! Great idea and great posts. x

  40. Hi, I really enjoyed all the product reviews and associated giveaways! I think I need some Heat Holders to get through the winter here in Wales! So thank you for hosting that particular giveaway 🙂

  41. The gardening post have been both useful and an inspiration too…My garden needs a lot of love, however seeing all these photos is helping spur me on!

  42. I know it isn’t one of your posts with a lot of writing which is what you are good at but I love your latest silent sunday in a box. Just sings of childhood.

  43. Your blog – When your two worlds collide! It’s a really difficult one To try and keep our private and professional world private and separate these days

  44. I loved reading “9 Indoor Activities To Do With A 16 Month-Old” even though I do not have one. When mine were that age, we didn’t have the internet, so had to rely on the library for this sort of useful article. I love blogs.

  45. Loved reading Dear Shop, i can really relate to this. Thank goodness my son is 6 now and has out grown these awful rides.

  46. Our First Build a Bear Experience. I can very much relate to this having taken my daughter for the first time recently.

  47. The build a bear workshop experience was very interesting! Its something I have seen advertised but never really had the time to look into. Now that I have a 2 year old grandson I think we might look into this some more!

  48. I liked “Building the kids clothing hoard” as I can so relate to it! I love a good bargain and I love sale stuff. Like you said, I know I could probably buy it cheaper second hand, but it’s just so nice for the kids to have new stuff. I have a bunch of kids so over the years I have had so much stuff waiting in storage for various ones to grow into. I do keep the best hand-me-downs too so sometimes clothes seem like they are taking over! I cut back all the corners to save money on everything else, but it’s my one indulgence to keep the kids looking smart and well turned out and I love it! Anyway it was a very enjoyable post to read!

  49. Stephanie Burchatt

    Our First Build-A-Bear Workshop Experience – I (I mean my son) loves this store and I would definitely call visiting an experience

  50. Your build a bear workshop experience, mainly because I’m a big kid and want to build my own Christmas orientated one lol

  51. I love your letter to the shop for those machines at the front for kids. 🙂 very entertaining.
    We’ll be looking for some new bedroom furniture soon so this voucher would come in very handy. x

  52. I loved your blog about keeping a book journal, I’ve always kept a list of the books ive read but never considered writing a few notes until I saw your post!

  53. I think it just has to be your word of the week post – as someone who can’t check a spelling in the dictionary without losing half an hour reading random definitions, it draws me strangely!!!

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