15 Top Tips From Bloggers For Bloggers

I’ve been pulling together some of the best blogging tips from my series, The Blog Lowdown, over the last few weeks, and today sees the final instalment….

15 top tips from bloggers for bloggers

1. If you have ideas for posts but no time, write titles and draft them! (More Than Just A Mummy)

2. Get a schedule and stick to it! Commit to a few linkys and get into a routine….I have a feeling this will happen for me once the girls hit uni!
In spare moments (what?!) write a couple of posts which you can keep in reserve so you have something to go when you’re away or too busy. (MumaLeary)

3. If you want to blog regularly, make a schedule to blog by – For example, I join in with Living Arrows on a Monday, have my Baby Led Weaning series guest post on a Tuesday and The Ordinary Moments on a Sunday. On top of this I do at least three reviews a week and at least two posts about our lives a week. As I do them I tick them off. (Redhead Babyled)

4. Use tools to help you blog more efficiently – I use Hootsuite to schedule tweets to promote my blog posts and it can also be used to automatically publish posts to Facebook, Google+ and anywhere else you like – This all saves so much time. (Redhead Babyled)

5. Use an anti spam plug-in. I use Askimet on both of my wordpress blogs and I wouldn’t be without it because it saves me tons of time! (Virtually All Sorts)

6. Get to know your plug-ins – In combination they save me so much time and make my life easier. (YouBabyMeMummy)

7. As soon as you know blogging is for you, go self-hosted. I wish I’d done this at the start, it’s not as hard or scary as I first thought and there are lots of tutorials to help. (Mama, You Talk?)

8. Ask for help if you need advice-there are plenty of bloggers out there who are very generous with their time and knowledge. Be as generous as you can. (Redpeffer)

9. Share the love – retweet on twitter, share links to linkys, spread the word. I find that the blogging community as a whole has such a generous spirit, and I guess what I am trying to say is that we all want to see each other succeed. Obviously we all want our own blogs to be the best they can be, but I also love encouraging other bloggers and if you like something there’s a chance others will too, so spread the word. The more popular the linky is, the better it is for everyone involved as it increases traffic and comments for everyone. (Becoming a SAHM)

10. It’s hard to build up a following when you first start out but people are not just going to suddenly rock up to your blog without any work. Get your name out there – follow people, comment on their posts, tweet them and get involved in the community. It might take a lot of effort to start with but it will pay off. (Hurrah for Gin)

11. Join blogging networks, e.g. Mumsnet, BritMums, Netmums, TOTS100, Parent Bloggers Network, Bloggers Network, Love All Blogs. You get access to other great blogs, and if they choose to feature your post, it gets great exposure. (WryMummy)

12. There is no greater compliment to a blogger than sharing a post they have written. If you read something you like retweet it or post the link of facebook. I guarantee it will be appreciated and if you are lucky they will return the favour. (Hurrah for Gin)

13. Don’t be afraid to turn down review and sponsored opportunities if you feel they don’t fit your blog. (AutismMumma)

14. Remember you can promote older posts, there may be things you wrote about a year ago that are still relevant now. (MamaMummyMum)

15. Always reply to emails, when you first start out blogging you are thankful for every email you receive in your inbox. Somewhere along the line you start deleting the ones that are not relevant to you, instead of deleting a simple reply with ‘Thank you for getting in touch, I am not looking to feature this campaign on my site, kind regards’ goes along way. You never know that by replying to that email what you may be offered instead, plus it’s only polite! (Boo,Roo and Tigger Too)

Some truly great tips here, and I’d agree with each and every one of them – thanks, lovely bloggers! I’ve loved hosting this series and welcoming many bloggers to share here. I’ve picked up some great pointers along the way and enjoyed getting to know more about people’s blogs. Hope you’ve enjoyed it, too?

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20 thoughts on “15 Top Tips From Bloggers For Bloggers”

  1. Lots of great tips here – thank you for sharing them. I’m always jotting down ideas for posts on my phone when I think of them – not all of them have made it into a post but it’s a good prompt when I need post ideas. I also love having my blogging diary – it helps me spread out my posts and think more long-term about my blog. I also now tend to time posts if they fit in with a particular linky so the diary really helps with that. Would also agree with going self-hosted as soon as possible – have been self-hosted for just over a month now and am so glad I did so.

  2. Brilliant tips – especially #7 with self hosting. I started out blogging not sure if I’d be able to stick with it – that was 7 weeks ago and now I am obsessed. I switched from Blogger to WordPress a few weeks ago and it has been the best move I have made. I was unsure whether to invest money in my blog at the time as it is so new but I took the plunge and purchased the Genesis Framework as well as a template from Studiopress. It’s always good to start out on the right foot and build from there rather than chasing your tail later on down the track.

    1. Thank you, and yes, I think if you discover you like it, switching to self hosting sooner rather than later it the way to go.

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