2022 Interior Design, in Pinterest Trends: Three Ways to Approach Decorating

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Pinterest is a powerful social platform, that presents a brilliant way for users to collect inspiration for projects of any kind. Its mounting popularity has been slow but steady, rendering it the ‘cult hit’ of popular social media platforms; its user base peaked at the start of 2021, with nearly 500 million users.

It follows that trends are also shaped by content on the platform, as popular boards take off and ideas proliferate. In interior design circles, the insights provided by the latest Pinterest trends can prove valuable – not in the least to those looking for inspiration of their own. What are the more popular Pinterest interior design trends of 2022?


Namecore is a concept that has enjoyed unique, even viral interest recently, as equal-parts interior design trend and social media ‘challenge’. The Pinterest trend has swept social media platforms like TikTok, with millions of views on its associated hashtag – but what exactly is it?

In essence, Namecore describes an individual aesthetic, generated by typing your name followed by the suffix ‘-core’ into Pinterest’s search bar. As an example, a search for ‘Emilycore’ will reveal a cavalcade of images, that tend towards the floral; houseplants and natural materials abound. 

Brands and experts have recently gotten on-board, creating specialised and actionable interior design roadmaps based on Pinterest search results. Fitted wardrobe specialists Hammonds drew up a set of bedroom design ideas for the most popular names in the UK.

For ‘Sarahcore’, Hammonds pulls together a mid-century modern aesthetic with light pastels and chic furniture; for ‘Emmacore’, the mood is darkened a little with moody blues and a cosy regal tone. ‘Davidcore’ gets even starker, with an East-Asian influence bringing sharp lines, reds and blacks alongside Japanese ‘fusuma’ to define the space.

Biophilic Design

While Namecore has enjoyed widespread success on social media, it isn’t the only trending aesthetic to come from the Pinterest platform. Another trend that has been slowly gaining traction over the last few years is that of ‘biophilic design’ – or interior design choices that include and reflect flora and natural materials.

Houseplants are a natural part of the equation for this aesthetic, being a hugely popular – and extremely photogenic – way to dress any space. But a considered approach to biophilic design incorporates plants on a base level; earthy tones are used to blend walls in, and raw materials like wood and stone serve to bring the outside in.


Another more general trend picked up by Pinterest relates to a current fascination with curved furniture. Open-plan spaces have been a regular fixture in interior design for decades, with tastes changing on the best ways to make the most of open-plan living spaces – but in 2022, curved furniture is de rigeur.

The most common application of this trend is through the use of opulent, curved sofas to create a luxurious sense of comfort. Curved bars have also been especially popular recently, as previous coronavirus lockdown measures inspired many to build their own drinking spaces at home.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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