21 Things To Share In Your Happy Mail

Let’s talk about wonderful snail mail today and things to share in your happy mail. I want to offer a little inspiration if you’re looking for new things to write about, looking for something to share with a new pen pal or you’re wanting to have some fun with lists and mail tags

Here are a few ideas of things that you can write about and share with your penpal in your letters.

Books you’ve read

Books you want to read

TV shows you’re watching

TV shows you’ve loved

Favourite meal

Weather in your area recently

Pets you’ve had or have

Trips you have planned

Recent outings you’ve had

Best holiday memory ever

Favourite holiday destination

Current snack favourite

A recipe you’d recommend

Plants you’ve been growing

New hobbies you’re trying

A hobby you’d love to take up

Favourite season and why

The music you’re listening to

Favourite concerts you’ve been to

Skincare you’re loving

Favourite film of all time

With all of these you can share one thing, or maybe top 3 or 5 lists. They can be within the letter, as a tag, notes in the margin, whatever you want! 

mail art using magazines reading

You could print this list out and aim to add one or two of these to each of your letters. 

When you’re sharing these things, always be sure to ask your pen pal about theirs too, makes it more fun!

I hope that this has given you a few fresh ideas, happy letter writing. 

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