7 Ways To Start Your Day Brilliantly

There are many things that can go wrong during the course of our days, we all know this! So let’s at least make sure that we can start our days brilliantly, to give us all the best possible chance of having a great day. Here are my top 7 ways to help you to start your day brilliantly….

7 ways to start your day brilliantly

Start the day with a cuddle

What better way to begin your day? The kids climb into bed with us when they wake up and it is one of my very favourite parts of my day.

I’m sure there have been studies extolling the virtues of cuddling, and I completely agree, they feel so good and ensure I am happy first thing each day.

Avoid Your Phone

For as long as you can. This has been a real learn for me.

I used to turn it on as soon as I woke up, but now I leave it until around about an hour after I wake.

This means I can start the day with a clear head, get myself and the kids ready, without all of the distractions that live in my phone.

Follow your routine

There needs to be a routine for your weekday mornings. It will keep you sane!

Consider all that needs to be done each morning and work out the best way to coordinate everything. Starting the day at the same time can help to manage this, and then once you’ve established an order to do everything in, stick to it.

Before you know it, you’ll get it all done without having to even think about it.

Make a list

You knew there’d be a list, didn’t you?

Ideally, you’ll want to get this list created the evening before, but any time is better than not at all.

Write down anything that you need to do that day and tick it off as you get through it. It doesn’t matter if you can’t get it all done, just move it on to the next day’s list.

By having a list first thing in the morning you’ll be productive right from the start of the day.

Start it the day before

I know that this sounds a little odd, but stay with me.

If you take two minutes the day before thinking about your day and everything that you need to do, you’ll give yourself a much better start to the day.

Get that list together and get out whatever you’ll need for breakfast in the morning. If the kids need to take anything into school, get it out and ready.

These are the little things that are easy to do of an evening, that will stress you out if they’re not done in the morning!


Eat breakfast

Simple as that. It will set you up for the day. It needn’t be elaborate and take long to prepare, a bowl of cereals or a piece of fruit can work will do. Just eat something, get your body started and ready for the day.

Play music

Whether it be the radio or your favourite play lists, this will lift your mood and give you a short burst of happy to get you going in the morning.

Sing it out, dance around, it’s sure to get your day started with a smile.

What would you add to this list? What helps you to get going in the morning?

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8 thoughts on “7 Ways To Start Your Day Brilliantly”

  1. I always set the kids uniforms or clothes out for the next day, it helps to stop the stress in the mornings searching for a cardigan or shoe ! I do my lists in the evening too, I feel much more motivated the next day if I have a plan in mind. I love these ideas !

  2. Enjoy those cuddles. My two rarely come in for a cuddle now on a morning unless they are poorly.
    I have found I am so productive on a morning if I stay off my phone and laptop. This morning I stayed off my phone and didn’t even switch my laptop on until lunchtime and I got so much done!
    I try do as much as I can the night before and it really helped. x

  3. it’s so true Jocelyn!! Getting organized and having a proper routine keeps me grounded. The day I don’t make a to do list or get up early – I have trouble getting much done! Since we co sleep, turning over and kissing the kiddo really is the best way I like to start my day! And yes – one point which I always follow – is I make my bed the moment I get up. This single habit has really changed me as a person. I feel I got something done right – right away!! And that gives me kickstart to a productive day!

    1. It makes such a difference, doesn’t it? Oh, and I like that tip about getting something productive done straightaway, so true!

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