3 Pro Tips To Sort Through The Clutter In Your Home

For me, decluttering your home counts as a renovation. You’re technically improving your home and making it look different, which makes it a very affordable improvement indeed! Seriously, it will blow your mind how amazing your house looks when it’s clutter-free. There’ll be so much space, it’ll seem so tidy, and you get that homely feeling back.

There are plenty of decluttering guides out there, but one of the toughest things is sorting through all your stuff. How do you decide if something should stay or go? Here are my tips to help you make the right decision?

Does it have a purpose?

First of all, you can get rid of so much clutter by asking yourself; does it have a purpose? Are you going to use this thing, or does it just sit around collecting dust? Instantly, you remove dozens of old Christmas and birthday presents that were never fully opened. You can get rid of old kid’s toys and donate them to charity, you can throw out old clothes that no longer fit or get worn, and so on.

If something doesn’t have a purpose in your life, then the chances are you can do without it. So, get them out of your home.

Does it have sentimental value?

Right, this is a tricky one as sentimental things aren’t going to be sold. But, at the same time, they’re kind of pointless to have as you never ever use them. They just take up storage space in your loft, or floor space in a room. So, my advice is to take the sentimental values and put them in self-storage. There are loads of places around that let you store things in high-security rooms for a price, and you can look online to find out if one is near you. Basically, this kills two birds with one stone. You get the clutter out of your house, but you don’t have to throw away things that have sentimental value and that you’d like to keep in your family for generations.

Plus, if you finish decluttering and find that you actually have space in the loft for these things, then you can always collect them and bring them home whenever you want.

Does it have monetary value?

As well as sentimental items, you may have things that are actually worth something. If this is the case, then you have a few different paths to take. If you can get good money for it right now, then sell it and pocket the cash. Some items will become more valuable over time, which means you shouldn’t get rid of them just yet. Instead, you may be able to keep them in your home – if they have a purpose or don’t take up too much room – or you can secure them away in storage. Then, sell them when the price is good enough!

These are my three tips, and you should ask yourself all three questions when looking at every item. If something doesn’t have a purpose, has no sentimental value, and isn’t worth anything – then you get rid of it!

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