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3 Things Organized People Do

I run a business and a home and enjoy making the most of my free time with friends and family. To do this all stress-free, I need to be organized. Truth be told, I like to be organized. It keeps me bobbing along without panicking about things at the last minute, it helps me to ensure I get everything that I need to done and it makes me a calmer person. To feel on top of everything and in control, here are 3 things organized people do, 3 things that I absolutely swear by. 

Make Lists

Make lists. Lists are your friend.

Lists can be used for anything and everything, and I cannot operate without them. 

You can have daily lists, monthly lists, lists for special occasions, reminder lists, lists that every household needs, budget lists, wish lists, and the list goes on!

If you need to start anywhere with this, start with daily lists.

Every morning, or the evening before if you can get into that habit, write down everything you need to achieve that day. 

You then have everything out of your head, a space to add anything you then remember and a place to tick off completed tasks throughout the day. 

This list will keep you on track and also give you a sense of achievement, it’s a win win! 

notebook and pen

Plan Ahead

I am not a fly by the seat of my pants kind of person!

I plan ahead, there’s always a plan.

This can be anything from getting the kids’ lunchboxes ready the evening before school to gathering together all of the travel documents we need days before travelling.

Planning ahead helps in two ways.

It takes the pressure off you when you are in a rush and tight on time and it gives you time to spot any potential issues and rectify them.

Planning ahead encourages you to always be looking ahead so you will be ahead of the game with things in your diary, prepping for upcoming occasions and it gives you time to think in advance. 

Have Routines

I know, how dull does this sound?! For those of you who love spontaneity this must be the worst thing you can hear!

However, there is a time and a place for routines and there can then be a time and a place for spontaneity. 

Having routines in place for those things that you have to do, time after time, can ensure they run more smoothly and efficiently. This then frees up more of your time for the fun stuff. You see, spontaneity still has its place!

You might need a morning routine for getting everybody ready and out of the house on time, with everything they need. You might need a routine for dinnertimes, kids’ bedtimes, getting certain tasks completed. You get the idea.

Think about those things that you do over and over and then think about where the stress points are. You can then start to create a routine for that particular time or task that will make things easier for you. 

Me, I wouldn’t be without my lists, plans and routines. They keep me on track and are all second nature to me. They ensure everything that needs to be done is done so that I can have some downtime. 

What do you do to keep yourself organized?

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