3 Tips For Fighting The Post-Holiday Blues

I am planning ahead here. Of course, because I am me. And because I have a feeling that the post-Disney World holiday blues are going to hit us all hard this time, so I have come up with 3 tips for fighting the post-holiday blues.

I have loved having a February break to look forward to as it’s getting me through the winter and January. I normally hate January but I’ve sailed through it this time with Disney World on the horizon. However, it also means that after February, it feels like a long time until the main summer break and a long, long time until Christmas! Which means that I am now attempting to mitigate against those post-holiday blues.

Set everything up before you go

I am making plans for this before we go, obviously. The first thing that I will do is get everything set up before we go so that we have an easy return home.

I want to come back and have nothing to have to do apart from dealing with unpacking the cases and printing out dozens of photos! This means that before we go I will be cleaning the house from top to bottom, changing everyone’s beds, emptying the laundry basket, getting everything ironed and ordering a food shop for the day that we return home. This should mean that I can walk back into a clean, fresh, stocked with food home, without anything more to do.

I will also keep my day free on the first day back to normality. This will give me breathing space to catch up on emails and work, whilst I am getting through the huge pile of washing! Not fun, I know, but it will help my sanity.

Plan in things to look forward to

This is key, I think. We need more things to look forward to, having had the prospect of our holiday exciting us for so long.

I have started booking things in to look forward to. I have put various day trips, activities and treats on the calendar for the couple of months after we get back and that should take us into the warmer weather. I will definitely perk up when it is flip fop weather! It’s actually our wedding anniversary the weekend after we get back, so we’ll be making plans for that and it’s something to look forward to.

Beyond that, thanks to some of our Christmas gifts we’ve all got tickets to go to shows this year. I have then booked us a few nights at the seaside over the summer and I have a treat lined up for Boo that she doesn’t know about yet. We also have our family adventures jar keeping us busy.

Whilst I am going ‘planning in fun things’ crazy, I am also aware that we might need some time to relax and recharge for the first week or two that we’re back. Disney World is not a restful break and we might have jet lag, so the fun stuff is largely relaxing fun stuff!

Throw in a few projects 

If I am not planning Disney World, then I need to be planning something. It’s just how I’m wired. So for me, another trick for beating those post-holiday blues is to take on a few fresh challenges.

I have some new work projects that I’m working on and keen to develop. They are completely different to anything I’ve done before so they should keep me busy and I’m excited to work on them.

There are then a few projects that I’d like to take on around the house and out in the garden, that I’ll get cracking on soon.

Oh, and then there is the ultimate post-holiday blues busting idea, isn’t there? Book another holiday! We’ll see….

What do you do to pick yourself up after a much-anticipated fun event is over?

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