3 Ways to Save Money Today

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I am absolutely not going to mention the word, I am still revelling in the last days of summer here. But I must admit that it is lurking on the horizon, that event in December that I am going to need to save a few pennies for. I tend to see September as something of a fresh start, too, it makes me want to get organised. Which is why today my thoughts are turning to ways to save money. Along with making a few cutbacks, I find that these 3 ways to save money are easy to do and don’t involve losing out on anything at all. These are ways to save without it feeling hard!

Shop with a cashback site

This is probably the easiest one of all, and it’s one that we can all do.

There are several cashback sites that you can use, and signing up to them is quick and easy. Take a look over how they work and who they are affiliated with in order to choose the one that you feel you will most benefit from using.

You can then use them each time that you shop and make savings as you spend.

I carry out most of my shopping online nowadays, so pretty much every time I buy, I am saving. We have most of our family birthdays during the last few months of the year, and then there’s Christmas, so I will be able to save quite a bit this way over the coming weeks. It’s no effort at all and I like to gain money when I spend money!

Switch supplier and contracts

When was the last time that you shopped around and switched your suppliers and contracts? It might not be the most fun thing to spend your afternoon doing, but it can be well worth it with the savings that you can make.

Go through your current bills and then take a look to see whether you can get a better deal on them, either with your existing supplier or by moving to another.

If you are looking to update or switch your mobile contract, be sure to check out sites such as Half Cooked for reviews and pros and cons lists and use comparison websites for things such as your energy supply and home and car insurance.

We have done this with our TV and broadband, phones and energy supplier just in the past few days and have been really pleased with how much we have managed to save.

Try meal planning

Meal planning doesn’t sound like an obvious way to save money, but it is, stay with me.

By meal planning you will only buy exactly what you need to each week when you do your grocery shopping. There will be no grabbing things as you see them because you always buy them (and therefore now have five packs of them!) or they are new or on a deal so you pick them up.

Before you do your shopping, either in store or online, go through your cupboards and fridge and freezer and take stock. You should only need to do this for the first week or two as you will get on top of it all quickly. Plan meals for the week based on existing supplies and then note down any other meals you will want and what you therefore need to buy. Stick to this list!

By meal planning you should find you reduce your weekly spends and you will cut out any food waste. You will also find that once you are in the swing of it, you will save time doing this as you won’t need to stop and plan each day or rummage around trying to rustle something up.

Meal planning also helps me to be healthier, something else that September seems to spur me on to do. It is win win!

These are my go-to tips for saving money relatively easily. What do you do?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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