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35 Things to Track in your Bullet Journal

Regular readers will know that a couple of months ago I decided to give using a bullet journal a go. And it worked for me. And I am now hooked! I cannot tell you how much I rate this system, though my 8 Reasons You Should be Using a Bullet Journal should give you a clue. To give you a few ideas on how keeping one might help you, I thought I’d share 35 things to track in your bullet journal today.

bullet journal

Bullet journals are hugely versatile as you basically decide yourself what to include in them, how to use them and how to get the most out of yours.

They should make you more productive, and can include journaling, art, collections, lists, schedules, trackers and so much more.

I explained all about them in my Getting Started with a Bullet Journal post, so if you’ve yet to start one of these, that should be a useful guide for you.

Today I wanted to offer a little inspiration about what you can include in your bullet journal, whether you’re just starting out or you feel like changing yours up a little.

bullet journal

I’m often adding new collections to mine, and I like to consider any alterations needed as I set up each new month.

Now I’m not suggesting that you track every one of these 35 things each month, though go for it if you fancy it! I use some of these every month, some most months and some every now and again.

That’s one of my very favourite things about keeping a bullet journal, how completely flexible it is. It can be changed from month to month in this way, and indeed, day to day as you can add in collections and spreads any time that suits you.

Anyway, onto the suggestions. Here are 35 things to track in your bullet journal…


  1. Income
  2. Expenditure
  3. Shopping Lists
  4. Menu Planning
  5. Sleep Habits
  6. Fitness Goals
  7. Weight Loss
  8. Water intake
  9. Food diary
  10. Wedding plans
  11. Daily/weekly/monthly plans
  12. Books read
  13. Books you want to read
  14. Films seen
  15. Favourite TV shows for the month
  16. Big news that month
  17. Birthdays/anniversaries
  18. Bucket lists
  19. Memories – by season/month
  20. Gratitude journal
  21. Recipes enjoyed
  22. Recipes to try
  23. Garden plans
  24. Garden growth and work completed
  25. Housework/chores
  26. Pen Pals incoming/outgoing
  27. Holiday wishlists
  28. Plans for the home
  29. Christmas ideas
  30. Gift lists for you/others
  31. Ideas for days out
  32. Favourite songs
  33. All things pets
  34. Groups/classes to try
  35. Yankee Candle collections (a deliberate example of the total randomness that can be included!)

That’s surely enough to keep you busy?

What do you use yours for?

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15 thoughts on “35 Things to Track in your Bullet Journal”

  1. I keep seeing things about bullet journals, but couldn’t really think of much to use it for, now this sounds great. Love the ideas. Now I need to go read your getting started with a bullet journal post.

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  5. Great list! I do think I can add to it. I have a picky geriatric cat, so it’s in my best interest to keep a list of what she does and does not like in the way of canned cat food. There’s also pantry inventory, first aid kid inventory (including any expiration dates) and my essential oil inventory.

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