4 Nursing Qualities You Already Possess as a Mom

Nursing is an excellent field for women to consider. The number of career paths, career flexibility, and excellent pay are major reasons why. The fact that we cannot automate patient care is another benefit, though patients themselves wouldn’t want it. An aging population is increasing demand for nurses. Why aren’t more women in the field? Because they think they can’t handle it. The reality is, many of us can and are readier than we think. Here are four nursing qualities you already possess as a mom.

Built-In Tolerance for Bodily Fluids
There are jokes about medical students passing out at the sight of blood and residents freaking out the first time someone throws up on them. Moms have been vomited on, pooped on, peed on and dealt with blood, sometimes several of these at once. They have a built-in tolerance for bodily fluids and thus aren’t going to be grossed out by the experience.

Efficient Compassion for the Sick
Compassion for the sick can be draining at times. Non-parents in nursing sometimes leave because of the emotional burden. Mothers have already had to learn how to balance caring emotionally with caring physically. You love your child and don’t want them to get hurt, but preventing a horrible infection like whooping cough is more important, so let’s give the baby the shot. Your child doesn’t want to drink the medicine, but you know the fever needs to come down and the infection must be controlled for the child’s sake, so you may trick them or hold them down to administer the medication.

Mothers learn planning when they have children, and this is tested as soon as their children get sick. You have to prioritise what you do in order to get the most important things done, and you learn how to multitask and complete things efficiently so that most of it gets done. These skills translate well to patient care, handling emergencies like someone falling or becoming ill in between vital sign checks, and giving patients their insulin injections.

Why Moms Should Go into Nursing
It is one of the few career paths where you can earn an associate’s degree, earn good money, and find bridge programs to make it as easy as possible to earn a bachelor’s degree, often with the employer paying for it. If you earn a bachelor’s, there are a host of master’s programs that boost your pay higher, and again, hospitals may pay for it on the promise you work for them. For example, you can find a number of RN to MSN programs. And schools know that many nurses are working during the day or work constantly shifting schedules, so a degree through an MSN online program will be widely recognised. Scheduling is easy, whether you want to work 8-5 in a clinic or weekend shifts at a nursing home so that your children don’t have to be in daycare.

Moms are ideally suited to become nurses, and nursing is one of the few fields utterly supportive of them working and upgrading their skills on their schedule.

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