4 Simple Ways To Revamp Your Garden When You’re Renting

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When a home is rented, whether you are the landlord or the tenant, the garden and outside areas can be tricky to manage. Most tenants will want to enjoy spending time out in their gardens, but everyone has different ideas of what they want from a garden. As tenants can come and go, labouring away out there for hours can be fruitless for both parties, which is why today we want to share with you 4 simple ways to revamp your garden when you’re renting your home. This one is a handy guide for both tenants and for landlords.

Fix up the basics

The first place to start when you’re revamping a garden is by fixing up the basics.

Take a look around and do a quick inventory. Are there any fence panels that need replacing? Perhaps the decking needs a new coat of paint? It might be that it just needs a good tidy up and the lawn needs a mow.

These are often quick and easy fixes, that your landlord should support, and can make a real difference to the appearance of your garden.

Add some pretty furniture

Adding in some pretty furniture can very quickly transform both the appearance of your garden and how you choose to use it.

You might like to add a picnic bench out there and eat your meals al fresco during the warmer months. Sunloungers and sunshades can add interest and enable you to use and enjoy your garden throughout the summer.

Go or pots and planters

The great thing about pots and planters is that they are very easy to move around. This will give you options whenever you are changing the look of your garden and it will allow you to experiment with where your flowers, shrubs and vegetables should be positioned to thrive.

Fill your pots with easy to grow perennials such as roses and heucheras or create hanging baskets with bright and colourful annuals. You can use raised planters and beds to grow your own food, planting easy to grow vegetables in them.

In a rented home, pots and planters will give you the flexibility to easily move your plants on to a new home if your lease should come to an end or you choose to move on.

Make it a haven for wildlife

You will be playing your part in supporting the environment and you can enjoy watching the comings and goings of local animals, birds and insects if you choose to make your garden a haven for wildlife.

Along with choosing wildlife friendly shrubs and plants, you could make your own bug hotel, get yourself a bird table and feeder or dot wildlife homes around the garden, from hedgehog houses to bat boxes.

Being able to see that you’re making a difference to local wildlife is a wonderful way to enjoy your garden.

If you are a landlord, along with looking after your property and making it comfortable for your tenants, it’s always worth looking around for the most competitive mortgage rates and taking your time to compare landlord insurance to ensure that you are getting the best deals. Getting the best deals should enable you to maximise your income and free up some money for you to keep your tenant’s home and garden in top shape.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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