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4 Things To Do With Your House Plants In Spring

As we ease into spring, I have my eye on my plants. Of course I have! I have a few plans for them, so I thought it might be useful to share 4 things to do with your house plants in spring for those of you who are new to plant-ownership…

Start feeding them again

You’ll have stopped feeding them over the winter, so it is now time to begin again.

You can usually pick up indoor plant food in supermarkets, as well as garden centres of course. 

If you have a particular type of plant, there might be a specific food so look out for that. For example, you’ll often see orchid food.

You might also be able to use something more generic and often cheaper, such as tomato food. 

Check which ones needs re-potting

Now is the time to look into re-potting any plants that need it. 

You’ll often be able to tell as they are filling their pots so it’s easy to spot. 

It is then worth taking them out of their plant pot covers and taking a look at the base of their pot. If the roots are all coming out you’ll know that it wants more room. 

Generally speaking, move them just to the next pot size up, unless they are clearly bursting out of their current pot. 

You’ll the have the task of finding different plant pot covers for them all. and moving them all around!

plants on stand

Take cuttings 

This is always the fun part!

Taking cuttings can be beneficial for the plant, it can help you to keep it in shape and you get little baby plants.

I have a few that I want to take cuttings from, and I have a couple of trailing plants that would benefit from having a trim and then I will replant the trimmed stem into the pot to make it bigger and bushier. 

The cuttings can give you more plants to dot around the house or you might want to gift them to friends to help their plant collection grow. 

If you’re not sure how to go about taking cuttings, this video on easy plant propagation is helpful. 

Treat yourself to a new one!

It’s spring, it only seems right to treat yourself to a new plant!

We’re going into the growing season, so you might want to get a little baby plant and watch it grow this year.

I am just trying to decide which one I need to add to my collection, there are so many choices.

I hope this post is useful to some of you. And if you are getting some new plants, do tell me what’s on your wish list, I’d love to know!


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