4 Tips For Selling Furniture Online

It can be tempting to go down to the dump with your unwanted furniture, but giving it a new home could be an easy way to prevent throwing it away and even make some extra cash.

The trend of upcycling furniture is still going strong, so even if the condition isn’t the best it could be, someone out there just might be looking to use it in their project, or give it a new lease of life.

4 Tips For Selling Furniture Online

Accurately measure furniture

Having accurate measurements is so important, and many only go shopping once they know exactly how much room they’ve got to accommodate the piece of furniture they’re looking for. Buyers may find it useful for you to include the the measurements in a few different formats to make it easier for buyers to make an informed decision. Make it simple for the buyers and don’t give them easy reasons to move on to someone else’s listing.

Take good photos

It’s worth getting good photos. Phone cameras are fine to use, but make sure there’s good lighting so it looks its best and the colours are true to real life. If you’re struggling, maybe borrow a better camera off a friend to make sure you get a great shot. You could even find a professional photo of the product online to use, but just make sure it doesn’t look too different from the real thing and isn’t likely to cause any confusion about the furniture’s condition.

Watch out for listing fees.

There are lots of sites where you can sell unwanted furniture, but make sure you check for extra fees. Many of the bigger sites charge you a percentage of the final sale, so you may want to factor this into the price of your listing. There are many sites that don’t charge fees, but they may have a smaller number of users and therefore could take a while longer to sell. You may even want to list it on more than one site to increase coverage.

Don’t be afraid to put collection only

Collection only used to mean that the buyer would paying a lot for posting, but with companies like Shiply it’s not something to fear anymore. Have a look at how much a similar delivery would cost on Shiply and provide a rough estimation (where appropriate) for the buyer to avoid them being put off if they’re not very local.

Happy selling!

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  1. I have never bought or sold second hand furniture online but I have a friend who does up bits of furniture and sells it on for a profit in the Facebook selling groups. She loves it and has turned a hobby into something really quite lucrative.

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