4 Ways to Play in Your Own Back Garden

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My children love playing in our back garden. It actually never ceases to amaze me how much fun they can have out there, coming up with different ways to play. When the sun is shining (and often even when it’s not) my two want to either go to a local park and playground or spend time in the garden.

I love that they like being outside and I know that it’s really good for them as they take a break from screens and get some sunshine and fresh air as they run about. But for me, our own garden will always edge out visiting a playground because there’s simply more fun to be had out there. They don’t have to share it at all, we don’t need to spend time travelling and we always have everything to hand at home. I have also noticed that they will spend hours upon hours playing in the garden, whereas they are usually ready to leave a play area within the hour. So a big thumbs up for the garden, and if you’re looking for some inspiration for the summer break, here are a few ways that children can play and have fun in the back garden.

Traditional games

These are the classics, from football, to catch, to hula hoops, to swing-ball, to skipping, these are the games that most of us have played at some point. Always make sure that there are a few balls scattered around out there as they are always sure to capture their attention and imagination. Oh, and try not to look or sigh when you see them hitting your plants, again. And again.

Cheap and cheerful fun

Most of us parents must have witnessed the almost hypnotic power of bubbles, they are great fun, aren’t they? My two also love water beads and these can keep them occupied for hours, literally hours! I’d then recommend getting in or making some chalk as these can be used on footpaths or fence panels and are great for setting up a game of hopscotch.

Go for some play equipment

Whether you are looking to buy a garden swing set, a climbing frame or a playhouse from Wickey, the kids are going to be delighted with whatever you get! It’s like having their very own playground in their own back garden, and what could possibly be better than that? Go for something that is age appropriate and that you feel will last them for a few years. Think of it as investing in outdoor furniture that will feature in their childhood fun and then their memories for many years to come.

Nature hunts and gardening

Get the kids thinking about the garden as a garden, not just a play space. Send them out into the garden with a nature hunt checklist and challenge them to see how much of it they can find. Or arm them with a notepad and get them drawing any wildlife and flowers that they like. Or set them to the task of gardening, whether they are helping you with the weeding or they are creating their very own flower bed with a few seeds. It’s great to get children interested in gardening as it’s both educational and teaches them about patience and hard work. And there’s digging, which is always popular!

What do your children enjoy getting up to in your garden? I am already looking forward to the summer holidays so that we can play out there, fingers crossed for some sunshine.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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