5 Benefits of Using a Dehumidifier

A few weeks ago we were sent a Vax Power Extract 20L Dehumidifier to test out. As we’d never had a dehumidifier before, I was keen to see how they worked and what difference they made. I did a little bit of searching about to find out what benefits it was likely to bring, so for those of you wondering the same, here I’ll share the benefits of using a dehumidifier, along with my review of the Vax Power Extract 20L Dehumidifier.

5 Benefits of Using a Dehumidifier:

Reduce allergies

Many of the most common allergy triggers, especially dust mites, mould, and mildew, thrive in humid environments.

Preserve food and furnishings

With less moisture in the air, food should stay fresh for longer and furnishings won’t attract damp and mould.

Reduce condensation

Whether it be from cooking, showers or just breathing, this can cause a build up of moisture and lead to mould and mildew.

Help dry clothing

Some dehumidifiers even have a special function for this.

Less dust

Running a dehumidifier helps reduce dust in your home, so you won’t have to clean as often. I. Am. Sold!

We live in a house built around 1900 and it is prone to damp. We get mould and damp patches, the odd water stain, condensation on the windows and in the loft and throughout the winter we add to the moisture in the house by drying our clothes on the radiators. All of these things point to our home being one that would benefit from a dehumidifier. So with that in mind, I have been testing out the Vax Power Extract 20L Dehumidifier.

The Vax Power Extract 20L Dehumidifier offers:

Powerful moisture extraction
Reduces damp and condensation fast
Reduces the growth of mould
Night mode
Large 5.5L capacity

This is one of the larger dehumidifiers on offer as it is suitable for rooms up to 30m2. Though when I say larger, I mean in its capacity, as the dimensions of it are similar to the smaller capacity products, meaning that this does not take up a lot of space.

It is very easy to set up and use. It comes fully assembled in the box, it just needs removing, plugging in and then it’s just a case of reading the clear and concise instructions booklet and switching it on. Now I am not one for instructions booklets (yes, I know that makes me sound a fool, but I have no patience with them!) but this one was so short and simple to follow that I worked through each page before moving this into position.


On reading the booklet, it suggests where to and where not to place the unit, so I decided that our hallway was the best place for ours, and ensured that it was the required distance away from the wall and other objects.

There is a digital display that allows you to select the setting you want and desired level of humidity. You can also use the 24 hour timer to set this up, or the clothes drying option. On turning it on it displays the current humidity level, and allows you to select what you’d like it to be reduced to, which it then turns itself off at. Typically, ours is around 60 and it turns off when it gets down to 45. I do notice that it goes up when I’m drying clothes, so I can see that the extra moisture is recorded accurately.


When you’ve finished using it, you’ll be able to see how much water has been collected by turning it around.


This was after just one use of around two hours. It’s then straightforward to empty out, as the tank detaches from the back, you use the carry handle to take it over to the sink, open it up and pour the water away. You can then pop it back on and put it into use again as needed.


My Thoughts on the Vax Power Extract 20L Dehumidifier

I started using this a few weeks ago, so what have I noticed? I have been amazed by the amount of water that this has collected from our home in such a short time. Every time it’s on, usually for just an hour or two at a time, it collects water. Every time. I do find it to be a little noisy, though I have no idea whether all dehumidifiers are. It sounds like you’ve got a fan running, so it’s certainly not obtrusive and offensively loud, but I wouldn’t have it on whilst we’re trying to sleep. It’s slim enough to easily slot into different rooms around the house, though I tend to leave it running in the hallway or on the landing, and I try to put it on whenever I put clothes on the radiators now. It is quite heavy, though it moves easily around on castors.

Overall, I am impressed with this. This is my first introduction to dehumidifiers and I am already asking myself why I haven’t got one before. Time will tell how well this stands up, and I am interested to see how much it improves damp over long term usage.

Would your home benefit from a dehumidifier?

Disclosure: We received the product FOC for the purposes of this post

5 Benefits of Using a Dehumidifier

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17 thoughts on “5 Benefits of Using a Dehumidifier”

  1. I’m very interested in dehumidifiers at the moment… We live in a new-build property and last Christmas stored some items in the loft. We went up to get them a couple of weeks ago (decorations haha) and everything is wet! Apparently, it’s condensation so now I’m wondering if we should have a dehumidifier on the first floor to try to prevent this happening? We’ve checked with the NHBC and have been told that the roof and loft space has been built correctly! I don’t really know what to do… #TriedTested

    1. Oh yes, our loft was full of condensation when we went up there a couple of weeks ago, so I’m hoping we’ll see an improvement when we put the decorations back as we’ve been using our dehumidifier up on the landing most days. I can’t believe the amount of water it collects!

  2. Thank you. Oh wow, I had no idea it could make that much of a difference, though to be honest, the amount of water it collects I can see how it could. We’ve had ours for all of a month and it is already in that ‘couldn’t be without it’ category.

  3. The Husband has started looking at getting a dehumidifier and in all honesty I am relatively clueless (and is it ok to say not that interested?!). This was a timely read, and I think perhaps the white noise could be an added bonus around these parts. Thanks for sharing x

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