5 Easy Ways To Create A Charming And Unique Garden Seating Area

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Gardens are things of beauty and being out in the fresh air can do wonders for both the mind and the body. Here are five ways that you could take further advantage of your outdoor space simply by investing in charming and unique seating options.

A Covered Chill Out Zone

One way to cover all bases and create a unique seating area whatever the weather is to have a covered space within your garden. A specific place where you can relax in a minimalist way and bring a sense of zen to your outdoor experience. The introduction of bean bangs and other non-fixed structures would complement this well. Adding this element is also a fabulous way to transform decking that you feel has lost its way. If you feel like this could work for you there are a number of covered deck ideas available to suit all spaces.

Create A Combo

Wood is a natural material and therefore perfect when looking to create a charming outdoor space.  A unique take on this could be to pair a solid structure with that of other materials to create a real earthy feel. If you want to add charm to your outdoor space with timber decking, then pair this with other naturals with the introduction of copper accents or rope surrounding the space and tie in a whole look that says you’ve invested real thought.

Picturesque Pergola

Should you want to tuck away in the corner of your retreat and enjoy it in all its glory then a modern pergola could be the way to go. Having a structure like this would also mean you have the option of encouraging foliage to grow around it. Retreating to such a beautiful spot full of natural growth with a nice blanket and brewed drink could be equally perfect on a summer’s evening as a winter’s one meaning you could maximise its use.

Rustic Renaissance 

Using what is already at your disposal is not only eco-friendly but smart. Should your garden have any rustic elements such as walls or fencing then a way to make the most of them is to consider seating options. Platforms or cushions would easily transform these parts of the garden into a feature that you can share with others. It might even remove the need for you to invest in table seating and dining experiences could be fully immersed in all the beauty you have. It certainly gives off a stylish cottage feel.

At Home With A Hammock

How about the ultimate in ‘bringing the holiday home’? A hammock is a very simple way of adding something different and also inexpensive. Should you have children or grandchildren it is a guaranteed hit in the summer months and can be packed away easily when not needed. 

Creating a charming garden can take time and effort. Use these ideas as a jumping-off point to get you started on the road towards a charming and unique outdoor space that you and your loved ones will adore. 

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post 

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