5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Garden

We’re not all green-fingered, we don’t all love gardening, but most us would like our gardens to look nice. We would like to enjoy spending our time out there, and maybe, just maybe, over time we will develop an interest and learn more to keep that interest alive. This is me now. I used to want a nice garden, but I didn’t want to spend loads of time on it and I hadn’t a clue where to start. These days gardening is one of my favourite pastimes, I find it relaxing. I found that it started with thinking about how I wanted my garden to look, and then I started doing little things out there to improve it, with my gardening guru’s help (my mum).  That being the case, today I want to share 5 easy ways to improve your garden with you, simple little things that you can do that will have your garden looking better in no time. And who knows? Maybe from there you’ll become a Monty Don fan and spend your days drifting happily around garden centres?!

easy gardening with pots

Give your garden a purpose

The first thing that you need to do is give your garden a purpose. You can then build everything else around this.

For example, is it a place for the kids to play? Is it a place to grow your own food? Is it a place to sit and unwind in?

Take some time to think about your ideal garden, however far removed your present garden might be from it. From this point, you will get a feel for what you might want to change and where you can start.

Start small! For example, if you have a plant or shrub that you have always wanted to have, get one. If you have always wanted to have wildlife out there, get a bird box or add a mini beast hotel. If you have always wanted to grow food, buy a couple of packs of seeds ready to sow.

You can start small and gradually build up over time as your interest sparks.

Add a few brightly coloured pots and planters

This one is an instant fix, and one that can make a real impact out there. Get yourself a few brightly coloured pots and planters, or garden ornaments, to brighten things up.

You might choose plain pots and the flowers themselves add the colour, or you might opt for colourful planters.

You could group them together in clusters, dot them around the garden or create a line up along a wall or lawn.

It’s worth starting with easy perennials in the pots, plants that are easy to find and fairly simple to take care of.

Paint the fencing/decking/walls

Paint the fencing, decking, walls, gates, sheds, whatever you have!

This will not just tidy things up, it can completely change the look of your garden. You might go for natural colours, or you could go bold.

There are plenty of colours on the market now, so if you want a purple fence, have a purple fence!


Sprinkle seeds

If you have very little colour or flowers in your garden, then sprinkling seeds might be the way to go.

You can create a new flower bed, add a cut flower patch, dig over existing beds or use pots and planters for this one. Some people even add them to lawns to create a meadow field look.

Flowers add colour to your garden, and can add wildlife, scent and interest by way of different shapes and heights, dependent upon which seeds you go for.

Some will take very easily, so look for those and remember to water them in initially.

You can get packets of easy to grow seeds, or choose seed bombs.

easy ways to improve your garden

Neaten your garden up

Start by tidying up anything that you have out there and make sure that everything has a home, just as you would inside your home, so that it can remain clutter free and tidy. This might be garden furniture, tools, toys and anything else that ends up outside.

You can then give your lawn a mow and trim, if you have one. If it’s looking past its best, you might want to get some turf or sprinkle some lawn seed.

Cut back any overgrown shrubs and pull up any weeds and plants that you don’t like. Don’t worry too much here about removing things that aren’t weeds – if you don’t like and enjoy them, feel free to get rid of them.

Just as you would inside your home, you can give your garden a fresh new look simply be neatening it up and moving a few things around. It might be all that you need to spur you on to try more gardening projects.

What suggestions would you add?

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7 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Garden”

  1. I loved this post Jocelyn, I could hear your excitement about gardening in your words. I think all of us who have gardens are really fortunate in these strange times of staying at home. I really love the concept of giving your garden a purpose and wonder how many people’s gardens have just evolved over time without any real purpose. I am going to give this issue more thought and see what ideas come up for improving my garden. Thank you very much for this inspiration!

    1. Thanks very much, Michelle. I do think it really helps to give it a purpose as it can spark your imagination then and give you somewhere to start if you are struggling with it. Glad that it’s inspired you, thanks!

  2. Thank you, Jocelyn – such an inspiring back to basics post for a somewhat gloomy day! You’ve given me the idea of going through my seed packets to see what I can sprinkle and I’m sure something will come up! Best wishes, Emma 🙂

  3. Lovely read. I’ve turned into a real gardening addict since lockdown. Don’t get me wrong I’ve always weeded etc and we inherited actually beat well,planned garden when we moved into this house. But lately as we’ve sat in it I’ve started to plan changes. Weve moved a frw plants and are planjing turning one bed into a vegetable plot.

    1. I love planning changes like this, it’s fun to do and so satisfying when it all starts to come together. Enjoy it!

  4. We had some wonderful weather and now a bit cooler and rain. We need it. These ideas make me just want to get out and play in the garden. Great to read. Inspire.

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