5 Every Day Things That Scare Me

As I was doing something the other day that scared me, the idea for sharing these little fears of mine with you popped into my mind. I’m not talking serious phobias or anything here, just the every day things that I encounter that scare me. Totes normal stuff….

1. Steamed vegetable pouches. Why do I even buy them? I don’t deal with hot things all that well, as the rest of this list will attest to, so I hate the gush of steam that comes out of these pouches when you cut them open. Where possible, I get the Husband to open these. Yep, I’m that much of a wimp.

2. People dressed up in character costumes. You know the sort of people that appear at playgroups or in shopping centres in huge over-sized suits and always gravitate towards you as you have a child with you? The ones that you desperately try to smile and wave cheerily at so as not to pass on your weird hatred of them to your innocent son? Yes, those are the ones. I cannot help but wonder, who is in there, what are they looking at, are they a mass murderer? Well, you just don’t know, do you?!

3. Skirt/trouser hangers. Why are they so violent? The loud snap and sudden clippy movement makes me jump. As I’m pushing them down, slowly but inexorably on an item of clothing, I await with dread the moment when it actually slots into place.

scary hanger

4. A hot cup of tea being passed to me. No, I am not a fan of this at all. My mum and the Husband are well aware of this oddness in me, so they always hold a cup out to me by it’s handle so that I safely grab it there. But others do not, and others do not know the fear that ripples through me at this point.

5. Short matchsticks. I like my candles here, but I can only light them using the extra long matches that you can buy as I hate the flame getting anywhere near to me. Oh, and do not even get me started on sparklers  – keep them well away from me!

You’re totally scared by all of these things, too, right?

Give me spiders, snakes and the dark any day!

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16 thoughts on “5 Every Day Things That Scare Me”

  1. I totally get these, I am with you all the way. Hangers scare me anyway, I saw an episode of ER once where a kid got one stuck in the roof of his mouth and I’ve had a wierd fear of them since. People dressed up is a phobia of mine, well people with their face covered in general. Sets off a panic attack. It’s a fear I’m trying to overcome for the sake of my boy. X

  2. Kimberlye Richardson

    You’ll be glad to know that my eldest daughter shares your phobias of people in costumes, as well as sparklers. She is also violently afraid of all clowns, whether a toy or a person, and Elmo. Most of these things are complete wonders to me since I don’t know of anything that happened to cause her to tremble and cry when in the area of these things. I only know that she did have a Tickle Me Elmo around the age of 3 and about the age of 4, Elmo scared her as he went off on his own one day as she was playing. After that, we could bit even walk down a toy isle that had Elmo sitting on the shelf. To this day, she hates and is terrified of any Elmo.

    1. Oh no, that does sound scary and a real fear! My kids have got a Tickle Me Elmo, but fortunately, no ill effects here…yet..!

  3. I’m definitely with you on the hangers!! Unpredictable little so and so’s… I’ve got another one though… the very full bin bag splitting as you take it out to the bin. Now that’s scarey!!!

  4. Oh wow I am completely with you on veg pouches and people in character costumes. As a child I used to scream and cry but now I just turn white and run in the opposite direction.

  5. I can’t say I’m afraid of any of these I do get the anxiety with people dressed up and I hate clowns but not sure I could get on board with the rest ha ha! My biggest fear are cows and wasps!

  6. Thanks for sharing your anxieties. I can understand the steam bags and hot tea one… I dont like handling things too hot, scared i’ll burn myself or a child.

  7. Hehe sorry i had to laugh at some of these. Although i do kind of understand the coathangers. I hate it when they seem to fight in my wardrobe and get all tangled. I also hate the noise x

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