5 Free And Fun Things To Do With Your Kids

With half term coming up here, I thought it’d be handy to share a little inspiration for the holidays. It can be easy to think that it can be an expensive time, but it needn’t be at all, so here are 5 free and fun things to do with your kids…

Get outside

Getting outside and having a change of scenery will always be fun and there are so many options. 

It could be a walk with the dog, playing football in the park, a bike ride, playing catch in your back garden or maybe having an adventure with geocaching. 

Spending time away from other distractions, screens and the house, means you are all just focused on one another and can make the time your own.

I will say, throw in a ‘picnic’ and any outing has just been levelled up to a fun one.

Have a movie afternoon

This one’s so easy to do and you can do it on as small or as big a scale as you want to.

It can range from simply throwing a movie on the TV and providing them with some snacks, to making little tickets, setting your room up like a cinema, making some popcorn and all snuggling under a blanket together. 

We love watching films so we always make sure to fit this one in over the holidays. 

Build an indoor den

I refuse to believe that anyone, child or adult, is ever too old for building dens.

Be sure to go big on this one, involve blankets, cushions and spend time in there with the kids.

I shared a guide to indoor den building years ago, when the children were small. 

I still have fond memories of doing this when I was a kid and my children used to do this all the time. They haven’t done so for a while, so I’ll be suggesting this one to them next week and I already know they’ll love it, and Herbie will definitely want to get involved!

Have a board game session

These are always popular here, we do have a lot of board games!

When I say a lot, we have a floor to ceiling cupboard devoted to them and then the kids have more in their bedrooms too. 

We’ve always played games with them, so they love to do this and it’s so simple to just grab a selection of games and you’re then set for an hour or two, longer if you want to be.

If you don’t have many games, a pack of cards can give hours of different games or I shared our thoughts on the best family board games if you’re looking to add a few to your collection. 

Get creative

Oh, so many possibilities here!

Kids love getting creative so it’s a great way to spend time together. There are hours upon hours worth of options here, as creativity takes on so many forms. 

Depending on the ages and interests of your children, I’d suggest:

Writing a story or poem

Painting, drawing or colouring

Crafting and collages 

Playing instruments and composing songs

Doing a YouTube art tutorial

Creating and sending some happy mail

Junk modelling with your recycling items 

Putting together a newspaper

Writing/drawing a comic strip

I mean, this list is endless really. There are loads of ways to get creative, so try something you haven’t done for a while or perhaps give something completely new a go.

I hope this has given you some fun ideas for the holidays, and any weekends and free time.

And never forget how great imaginative play is for kids, time to play independently and time to just completely chill out and relax doing very little.

Roll on half term! 

What will you be up to? 

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  1. My girls love to go for a walk or a bike ride, which reminds me that we have a couple of punctures to fix and we love a movie afternoon, it’s even better with popcorn. x

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