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Hooray for the summer holidays! We have no breaks away planned, so we’re now halfway through six weeks of lazy days intermingled with play dates and summer adventures. I love having no school runs, no places that we have to be, watching my two play with each other all day long. As you can tell, I’m enjoying it just as much as the kids!

As well as chill out time, my two love to be ‘doing’ and my daughter really likes to feel that she’s learning new things and exercising that brain of hers. So it’s very handy that we’re getting involved with EdPlace this summer and their free online summer camp. We’ve been enjoying their online worksheets and the big book quiz already, so today I thought I’d share with you 5 free summer adventures that we’re really looking forward to taking on in the next couple of weeks, along with keeping young minds stimulated…

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A Picnic and Pooh Sticks in the Park

A firm favourite adventure here. We’ll pack up our lunch, grab a blanket and head to our local park. We’ll be sure to find a spot near a stream so that after lunch the children can play Pooh Sticks, which they love. A day like this could be perfect to spark their imagination for getting involved with the ‘My Summer Adventure’ week running this week at EdPlace, and joining in with the fun competition…more details below..

Party in the House!

So, so, simple to do, but the kids are already exploding with excitement about this one. Their lunch will be in buffet form, we’ll be playing music and there will be balloons. I might even go wild and get a cake! After lunch we will be playing classics such as musical statues and pass the parcel.

Nature Hunt in the Garden

The kids enjoy looking for mini beasts out in the garden, and Boo has taken a real interest in gardening, too. To set this up, they’ll have sheets of insects and plants that they need to find and tick off, along with sketching some of them. They will no doubt be armed with magnifying glasses for added fun! We’ll be joining in with ‘Adventures in the Garden‘ week at EdPlace so will take a look at the activities that they suggest and provide for us there.

A Visit to the Museum

We have a great museum and art gallery in Birmingham, so we will get the train into the city centre, an adventure in itself, and then explore all that the museum has to offer. On our return home, I’m planning to get the paints out and get the kids painting anything they’ve seen and liked that day.

Junk Modelling in the Garden

They can create, anything, absolutely anything out in the garden using old recycling materials and bits and bobs from around the garden. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with, and then I know they will create stories and imaginary worlds around it, which is also just as fun.

For more ideas, do check out my 9 Bargain Activities for Kids for further inspiration this summer.

Now with each of these adventures, my daughter will want to log them…

Adventure Log

I just love that she does this, and she fully completes it with the date, what we did, where we went, who with and the weather. She enjoys thinking back over her adventures and noting them down, and then from time to time she looks back through her book and reminisces.

So with summer adventures on our minds, I want to introduce you to EdPlace and their ‘My Summer Adventure’ essay writing competition.  As mentioned, this is something else fun for kids to try, so I’ll hand over to them now to share more…


At Edplace we want to learn about all the fantastic things our students and their families are up to this summer and for every adventure you share with us, we will send you an Edplace pencil case to say thank you. And in fact, for the best summer adventure we have a special prize! We will also share some of your adventures and pictures on our website so you can see what your fellow edplacers are up to and maybe get some more ideas for further adventures!


We are going to have two different competitions for different age-groups:

Key Stage One-Two

We would like you to send us a letter telling us about your summer adventures. We would like you to tell us what you have done, who you did it with and what you enjoyed about it. You can also draw a picture to go with your letter. When we receive your letter we will send you an Edplace pencil case as a thank you and you might even win one of our bigger prizes for your family.

We would also love it if your parents could send us a picture of you on your adventures via Twitter or Facebook with the hash tag ##edplacesummercamp

Key Stage 3-4

We would like you to tell us about your summer adventures in an essay (400 words maximum) called ‘My Summer Adventure’. It may be about an actual summer adventure you’ve had or you may let your imagination go wild and describe your dream summer adventure. If you could choose a summer adventure to have what would it be? Where would you travel? What would you do? Who would you meet? Maybe you might join Tim Peak on the International Space Station or travel back it time to Henry VIII’s court? What if you were able to step into your favourite book, what adventures might you have? Would you join Harry Potter or the Famous Five on their adventures?

At Edplace we would love it if you could send us your essay but also tweet us a picture of you on your adventure or writing about your adventure so we can add it to our gallery.

For every essay we receive we will send you a pencil case as a thank you and enter you for the big prize.

Great idea for a competition, I’m sure my girl will be writing all about her own summer adventures soon.

EdPlace are running their free summer camp with online activities over the school holidays. There is a new activity every single week, from reading to science to maths, so simply sign up and you’ll get each week’s activities pop into your inbox weekly.

Have fun!

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