5 Mistakes That Damage Your Homely Feeling

Home sweet home.

It would be a sweet little sign to hang in your entrance, and that makes you smile when you look at it. However, when the sign appears meaningless, there’s something wrong with your home. Most homeowners are guilty of committing at least one of the following five home-killing mistakes. The question for you is how many have you already made?

1. You refuse to organise chores

OK, I get it: Nobody likes cleaning. It’s the last thing on your to-do list, and sometimes, if you’re really honest, you sometimes skip a few weeks before getting back to it. While household chores are easy to manage when you live on your own, anybody who has young children knows that chaos is quick to settle in. Don’t panic. Get yourself a bullet journal for cleaning. Your journal will not only help you to stay focused on what needs doing, but it also keeps sure that you don’t accidentally forget something crucial like the fridge. Besides, you’ll be surprised how liberating it will feel to tick off items!

2. Home decor = forever IKEA boxes?

IKEA is the paradise of students and single tenants. You can find furniture to fit in the smallest of spaces. But as a homeowner, the last thing you want is your decor to feel like an extension of your student years: the same shelves everywhere, boxy wardrobes in all bedrooms and the dull table and chair ensemble that everyone else has. You need a grown-up decor. One word of advice; it’s best to rely on professionals such as Shiply to sort out furniture delivery for you rather than carrying it in your car. Personality furniture can make you see at home.

3. Open the windows more often

You may not see it, but your indoor air is not clean. Toxic particles that emanate from plywood furniture, wall paint, synthetic fabric or even your cleaning products can spread inside your home and affect your mood. The typical symptom of indoor pollution can be irritability, concentration issues and overall laziness. Something as simple as refreshing your indoor air regularly, by opening the windows once a day for one hour, can give your home the freshness it needs.

4. You don’t need all that

Your life is a constant accumulation of things that pile up in the different corners of your home. Books. Shoes. Kitchen gadgets that you’re not sure how to use. Unused board games. Etc. Human beings are professional junk collectors. As a result, our homes are cluttered and can get messy too. According to Dr Beckmann, 90% of Brits feel unhappy in a cluttered environment. Besides, it makes your cleaning chores feel much worse than they actually are. Do yourself a favour: get rid of everything you don’t need!

5. You’ve fallen out of love with your decor

How often do you redecorate your home? Expert designers agree that to maintain a cosy and relaxed feeling at home, rooms should be repainted ideally every 12 to 24 months. You don’t need to change everything in your decor, but adding a few touches here and there every year keeps it fresh and relevant.

Everyone is guilty of making their home worse in a way or another. But thankfully you can improve it again very easily with these handy tips! What would you add?

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