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5 Quick Ways To Take Care Of Yourself

Most of us don’t have much ‘spare’ time, especially as our world’s are starting to get back to normal and life is all opening back up again. As a parent, it’s also easy to feel like you always put yourself last and struggle to find any time for yourself, to recharge. Which is why today I want to share 5 quick ways to take care of yourself, all super simple to fit into your week and hopefully they will all give you a boost. 

5 Quick Ways To Take Care Of Yourself

Get outside

This one can be hard when the weather does not play nicely, but push yourself to do it anyway, every day. 

Along with the exercise benefits of walking around outside, there is the fresh air, the sunshine and just ‘leaving the house’, all of which will give you a boost. 

I have a dog that means this one is pretty much non-negotiable for me, he wants that walk every day! And actually, I have come to realise over the past year that this is a good thing. It forces me out on those days when hibernation feels infinitely preferable and I always feel better for it. 

Pamper yourself

Whilst a full spa day might be the ideal here, few of us have the time and money to do this one regularly, so the little things can feel like treats. 

A hot bubbly bath, a little effort around your skincare routine, filing and painting your nails, perhaps even just remembering to apply hand cream every day or treating your hair to a mask. 

This one can be absolutely anything you want it to be, just something that makes you smile and feels like a little treat. 

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Switch off from it all

What helps you to completely switch off from it all? For five minutes, for half an hour, whatever amount of time you have. 

For me, my first thought is going to be grabbing a book, every single time. It’s the quickest way for me to relax and unwind and I will always have a book close by that I can pick up when I have five minutes. 

For you, it might be something completely different. It could be looking after your house plants, watching your favourite TV show, writing a letter, doing a jigsaw, absolutely anything!

Think about when you are at your most relaxed and that’s the one to go for here. You need this, you need this time to recharge. 

Keep a journal

A journal is all about you. It is a short moment in your day where you centre yourself and focus on you. 

This can be as quick and simple as you want to make it.

You might want to start a bullet journal, you might want to keep a journal around a specific subject or part of your life or you might just want to note down how you are feeling and any thoughts each morning or evening for a few minutes. 

You could try these self care journal prompts to get you started, and I would always recommend incorporating some sort of gratitude journal as this can make a real difference to your outlook each day. 

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Drink that water

I know, you’ve heard it a million times before, but this is probably the easiest quick win on this list and one worth bumping up your list of priorities.

There are so many benefits of drinking water, from improving your mood to boosting your energy, so do look to up your water intake. 

Keep a bottle of water on your desk or always work with a glass of water near you. You’ll find yourself reaching for it automatically and then you can refill it regularly throughout the day.

If you aren’t too keen on the taste, add some fruit or salad slices to it to give it some flavour.

I hope these suggestions help, how do you take care of yourself when you have limited time? 


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