5 Reasons to Visit Gardener’s World Live

Last week my mum and I went along to BBC’s Gardener’s World Live. We go every year and it’s a real annual highlight for us. A day for us to indulge our love of gardening, surrounded by beautiful sights and scents. I can’t recommend it enough, which is why today I’m sharing 5 reasons to visit Gardener’s World Live with you.

It’s held at the NEC each June, and is attached to the BBC Good Food Show, so you get to see both shows. We always go on the Thursday or Friday and it’s busy, but never suffocatingly so, though we’ve not visited over the weekend so I don’t know how much busier that would be. We like to get there for when it opens and tend to leave in the early afternoon, simply as I have a school run to do, though we could easily spend a fair bit more time there! We always drive, it is handily close to where I live, and driving allows us to put our many and varied purchases into the car rather than struggling with them on the train.

The show normally takes place within several halls, along with show gardens and stands outside, a huge flower marquee and then many smaller nurseries set up stalls outside with plants to buy galore. Each year we chat about the various plants that we’d like to buy there, and then each year we come away with way more plants than we’d initially discussed!

If you’ve not visited before, I would definitely recommend it, we always really enjoy it. If you’re tempted, let me share with you 5 reasons to visit Gardener’s World Live…

1. It’s beautiful. You don’t even need to know anything about gardening to appreciate the beauty of the show. And they have that many different stands there, there is bound to be something for everyone. Of course, being flowers, the beauty is in the scents as well as looking at the displays.

2. It’s inspiring. You cannot fail to take ideas away from the many displays and plants that you’ll see. Whether it be wanting to re-create a whole new area in your garden or just adding in some new flowers that you’ve spotted and loved, there’s inspiration everywhere you look.

3. It’s informative. There’s always a good mix of stands with knowledgeable people manning them enthusiastic to talk to you about their product, plant, or cause. Whether it be a clever new irrigation system or how to encourage wildlife into your garden, there’s likely to be someone there to chat to, or leaflets to grab if you’d rather do that.

4. It has great show offers. From garden furniture to accessories to the huge array of plants and shrubs themselves, there are plenty of offers to check out and take up. We always, always come away with plants, and I’ve a feeling that this year we surpassed even ourselves as we could barely get them all to the car we had so many!

5. It’s attached to the Good Food Show. Think samples of cheese, sausages and gin, then oodles of cake stands to purchase from. Need I say more?

Have you visited before? What do you enjoy there?

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Disclosure: We received entry FOC to the show

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