5 Things That Make Me Inexplicably Angry

I’m talking about seemingly innocuous things here that make me mad, whilst they are probably a delight to the next person, or at least inoffensive. I’m not talking the big issues here, you understand, the things that make most of us justifiably angry. No, I’m talking…..


– Inspector Gadget. He’s a buffoon. Yes, I know that he’s meant to be and that’s part of his ‘charm’, but he irritates me beyond belief, and has done since my childhood. How, how, can he be outwitted every single time by a child and his pet dog? What sort of a bungling idiot is he? Why does Penny put up with it? Oh, just thinking about him and his foolish gadgetry that gets him nowhere but trouble is getting me all wound up.

– Magicians. I am not amazed, dazzled, confounded and watching in wonderment. I’m always in two camps on this. Either the magician is poor, and I cannot get my head around why he’s even doing it, or he’s like a wizard and I cannot figure out how he’s doing it, which annoys me! Yet I’ve booked one for my daughter’s party next month, go figure.

– The Walking Dead. I am well aware that most of you are probably yelling at me for this one. I know that it’s hugely popular, in fact, the Husband and my brother absolutely love this show, but for me, it frustrates me. I’m a fan of the horror genre, but generally speaking, the brilliant Shaun of the Dead aside, I don’t like zombie movies. There doesn’t tend to be a way out. Things always look totally hopeless and where will it end? The same thing just keeps on happening!

– Which does lead me on to thinking about horror films in general. I am so frequently left feeling let down at the end of a horror film. I can’t remember watching one in recent years that did actually scare me, and keep me scared right through until the end. The final scenes so often disappoint and ruin any suspense that has been built up. Oh, and don’t get me started on why they always split up, or why they always run up the stairs when being chased – I am shouting at the screen at this point!

– No post. Now, you’ll no doubt know that I do love my snail mail, so I frequently have happy mail coming through, or perhaps nice things to work with and review. There are then the days where it’s more run of the mill post, but at least it’s post. I do not like the days when the postman bypasses my postbox. How dare he? To be fair, this one makes me more grumpy than angry. But then I get angry with myself when I’m feeling grumpy…

Looking over this, it appears that much of my rage is sparked by watching TV and films. Better off to sticking to books, as I suspected 😉

What makes you inexplicably angry?

I am sorry if I’ve offended any magicians in the writing of this post.

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22 thoughts on “5 Things That Make Me Inexplicably Angry”

  1. I enjoyed reading this!! I’m with you on the post, definitely miss getting handwritten letters! Horror films aren’t really my cup of tea though and I do rather enjoy a magician!!

  2. This made me laugh. I often find myself getting frustrated (furious) at cartoon characters for their bumbling incompetence. And magicians! Don’t even get me started. The anger is not inexplicable. It’s perfectly rational. Or so I’ll keep telling myself 🙂

  3. I have to disagree about zombies, I love them but I’m with you all the way on magicians. My most annoying thing is when people leave the tv or radio volume on an odd number. It makes my blood boil for some strange reason x

    1. Oh, I know – so many people do, I do feel in the minority on the zombie front! Glad to get magician support, though!That is an odd one, though my husband won’t let me put ours on number 13, he’s very picky on that one x

  4. I am with you with Inspector Gadget, but then I feel like that about most TV characters. Postman Pat makes my blood boil with his total incompetence.
    Love Walking Dead though. Not really my cup of tea, but hubby started watching it (before he was the hubby) and I got drawn in. Love it now but it is more about the characters than the zombies now.

    1. Oh yes, he’s ridiculous, too! Yes, my husband tells me it’s more about the characters, but I cannot get over the premise!

  5. – When people miss out whole portions of words eg ibufren instead of ibuprofen. You’re missing out a whole one third of the letters!

    – Americans who say St Patty’s Day. Er WRONG,

    – oh and people who mispronounce sudoku. It’s not sodoku, it’s not suduku, its su-do-ku. Six tiny letters so why are you getting it wrong?

    – indecipherable text speak or street slang. It’s all gobbledegook to me!

    So i guess words are my main source of irrational annoyance. Not that I claim to be perfect but, come on people, some of these are not that hard.

    Ps – i also get sad when there’s no post. There’s nothing more disappointing than a postman walking straight past your house or a delivery van going to a neighbour instead, esp when they trick you by reversing in your direction only to turn around and deliver elsewhere ?

    1. Ooh, I love these! Words irritate me, too. Pacific instead of specific is one that gets to me every time! And thank you for supporting the no post point, too – glad it’s not just me!

  6. I’m with you on Inspector Gadget-he annoyed me in the original series and still does! Very rarely watch magic, but I know what you mean about trying to figure it out and you may not be surprised to hear I’m not much of a horror fan 🙂 x

  7. Yes yes yes to the post box. I’m always gutted. Especially if our lodgers get lots. Ours doesn’t even come to our house, it goes to the farm, so sometimes the OH doesn’t bring it over and it could be piling up and I never know. ARrgghhh

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