5 Things to Consider When Planning a Child’s Bedroom

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Having given both of our children’s bedrooms makeovers over the past year, there’s a few key points which have struck me, things that I knew we needed to get right. It’s well worth taking a little time to plan your child’s room re-design and taking into account a few key factors. I’d say that if you’re thinking of working on a makeover, here are the 5 things to consider when planning a child’s bedroom… 

5 Things to Consider when Planning a Child's Bedroom

Things to Consider When Planning A Child’s Bedroom

1. Take the opportunity to try out different layouts with the furniture.

It’s amazing how much you can really maximise the space with a little extra thought. When we did my daughter’s bedroom, it ended up feeling bigger and more spacious, yet we had managed to fit a lot more into it. We emptied it out and spent time moving the bed into different positions, which opened the room up, and then measured every wall and alcove to ensure her new furniture really made the most of every bit of available space.

2. Unless you’ve plans to be re-doing it any time soon, go neutral on the items that are time-consuming or expensive to replace.

My girl wanted bright pink hearts carpet initially, but given that I’ve no desire to have to put new carpet in the room for a few years, and I suspect she might outgrow this taste, we persuaded her to go for a creamy floor instead. She’s then got pink and hearts on her accessories, such as bed-linen, pictures and curtains, which are much easier to change as time goes on. Similarly, she has a feature fireplace wall painted pink, and all other walls are cream.

child's bedroom makeover

3. Get the bed right.

Whilst the kids do both spend a fair but of time playing in their rooms, it’s the bed itself that they really spend most of their time in – when you think about it, it’s half of their time each day! So look around for the right one, taking into account the design, quality, size and if applicable any added storage you need within it. As your children’s beds play a significant role in their daily routine, you may want to consider exploring house beds in various styles to find one that suits both their comfort and the room’s aesthetic. You will probably be moving from a baby cot bed into a bigger bed so play around with the layout to see what works best.

4. Which brings me onto…storage, storage and more storage.

Wherever you possibly can, build in storage. Under tables, under beds, alcoves with shelves. I’d also suggest making use of high ceilings if you’re in older properties, and store upwards as well as outwards. Children seem to accumulate toys, books and belongings at an astonishing rate, as well as their clothes, bedding, towels and so on. It helps to give the room a tidy feel if there is room to put everything away, and it’s better if the children can reach most of it, too, so they can tidy up themselves.

5. If at all possible, get the kids out of the house whilst you actually do it.

This is my top tip – building furniture, painting, moving things around, are all completed twice as quickly when there are no children in the house!

You may also like my Children’s Room Ideas Pinterest board and the full details of my daughter’s bedroom makeover.

What tips would you add?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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6 thoughts on “5 Things to Consider When Planning a Child’s Bedroom”

  1. Great tips Jocelyn! About number 5: last year we painted our kids room and we sent them over to my parents country house in the mountains. They had a great time and we were able to power through the job. Thank God for grandparents!


    1. Thank you! Yes, that’s the way to do it! Mine had a great time at my mum’s whilst we did Boo’s room and it was so much easier to get everything sorted that way.

  2. Just about to move house so this is helpful thanks. I like the tip about keeping the big things neutral. My daughter now 6, still has a giant jungle mural on her bedroom wall that we painted when she was on her way and we’ve never got around to changing. I’m going to have a nosey at your pins now. I’m on pinterest too, have just started (@hippychristimum) and just working it out!:)

    1. It’s so much easier to update with a neutral theme, faster and cheaper! Best of luck with your house move 🙂

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