5 Things To Do Today To Lift Your Mood

Am I the only one that struggles with the darker and colder days? I am a summer person, I know this, and I always feel much better when the sun’s shining and it’s warm outside. When the cooler seasons move in, I have a few go-to ways to lift my mood every day and keep me happy and upbeat until I can get through to spring! For those of you who might feel the same, here are an easy 5 things to do today to lift your mood. 

Get Outside

This is one of the fastest ways, easiest and cheapest ways to instantly lift your mood. 

It doesn’t matter what you’re up to out there, just get out!

You might just choose to sit out with your morning coffee, you might go for a run, or as in my case, you might choose to go for a walk.

I walk the dog every day and then I also enjoy my walking challenges, I’m on my third challenge now. 

It motivates me to get out and I know I feel better after a walk in the fresh air, rain or shine. 

Play Music


It might be your favourite play list, maybe you want to listen to the latest releases or perhaps just the radio.

Music never fails to lift my mood, and this one’s a pretty instant lift.

Get that music on when you get up, get moving or singing to it, and you’ll be in better spirits in no time at all. 

Call a Friend

Call a friend up, or even better, arrange to get together with them for a chat.

Talking to a friend is sure to cheer you up, just laughing together will boost your mood. 

If you’re having a down day, friends are great at helping you to put things into perspective too and helping you out. 

Tick Off Some Of Your To-Do List

Don’t put lots of pressure on yourself, keep this list short if you know you’re not feeling it!

But a great way to boost your mood is by getting a task out of the way that you’ve been meaning to do for a while.

Things like this can weigh on your mind, so get one thing ticked off and you’ll get a boost from feeling super productive!

Go For Your Go-To Pick Me Up

We all have one, and this one is completely individual.

You should know what this is, but if you don’t, then have fun discovering it for yourself.

It might be a watching a certain film or genre always cheers you up, perhaps it’s a session of yoga, maybe it’s settling down with your favourite lunch, or it could be going out to your favourite place. 

Whatever it is, treat yourself to this on those days when you know that you need it. It could really turn your mood around.

I hope these ideas help some of you. If you try any of these, let me know how you get on and whether they do boost your mood.

What are your go-to mood lifts?



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