5 Ways You Can Master Studying At Home

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Being what is referred to as a mature student, means that you have all the hard work that comes with studying, writing essays, reading endless study materials coupled with all the responsibilities of being a fully functioning adult and a parent at the same time. This juggling act can seem overwhelming at times, making it difficult to see how you’re ever going to get that degree or certification that you so desperately want.

Well, in order to enjoy your studies and help you juggle everything that life can throw at you, you need to look at ways you can master studying in your home environment. Read on for 5 simple tips.

Good luck!

Reach out

I think it’s important to mention at this point that you’ll have a whole host of people who want you to succeed in your dreams of further education. So, if you need help all you need to do is ask. If the kids are making it difficult to concentrate, ask your parents if they’ll entertain them for an hour. If citations are confusing you – click here for the APA format for academic papers and essays – then speak to your tutors as soon as possible. There’s no shame in asking for a little support. You might be surprised at how many people are truly willing to help you. So don’t struggle alone.

Plan your study schedule

When you’re a busy adult and a parent to boot, you probably won’t have the luxury of picking up your studies whenever or wherever you wish. Creating yourself a study timetable and revisiting it every single day so you know what you need to be doing and what is happening when, will certainly boost your studying experience. Find out when your big tests and assignments are due and mark them down straight away. Keeping yourself organised will allow you to actually enjoy your studies, rather than just cramming them in where possible.

Reward yourself

Hey, this isn’t school – you can reward yourself for a job well done as often and however you like! Whether you’ve submitted an assignment on time, or you’ve just completed a particularly intense session reward yourself with something fun (or delicious). It’ll certainly give you the motivation you’ll need to continue your studies.

Find somewhere to study

Easier said than done when you have little ones running around, but it is possible. Designate a specific area that is only for study. Keep your materials there so you can easily return to them as and when you are scheduled to. Choose somewhere to study that is free of distractions and peaceful and you’ll soon get into the swing of things.

Have everything you need to hand

Scrabbling around for pens, notebooks and other items can easily disrupt your studies and it’s super frustrating too! Make sure your work station is well stocked with stationary, notebooks, your tech is fully charged, and you have a good internet connection. Having all these in place will certainly streamline your studies.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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    1. I have been there, I know the feeling. You will find a routine that works for you, just experiment a little and you will get there x

  1. I love these tips – timed just right as I dive headfirst into the world of study for the first time in many years. Reward yourself is such an important one – especially as a busy parent with a full-time job x

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