52 Bullet Journal Collections Ideas….Just Because!

If you stop by here regularly, you’ll know that I wouldn’t be without my bullet journal. It helps me to stay organised, be more productive and reflect back over my day and month in a way that makes me appreciate the little things. I do love it. So today I thought I’d share how I set mine up, along with some inspiration around bullet journal collections.

Bullet Journal Set Up

My bullet journal is set up really simply, with just a few monthly spreads at the beginning of each month, and then my daily to do lists and collections as and when I want them. I have shared it over on my YouTube channel is you fancy a closer look, or check out Getting Started with a Bullet Journal.

So in addition to this layout, I add in collections when I want them.

What are Bullet Journal Collections?

Bullet journal collections can be about absolutely anything and can be as large or small as you need them to be. For example, over Christmas I added some around cards, gift ideas, Christmas memories and so on. They can be useful, they can be about preserving memories, they can be great for getting things out of your head and onto paper and they can be just for fun.

So today I thought I’d put together a list of 52 bullet journal collections ideas, some are handy to have and some will make you smile, so add them in…just because!

52 Bullet Journal Collection Ideas...Just Because!

1. Every Book I Read
2. Favourite Subjects at School…and Why
3. Housework Chore List
4. Horror Movies that Made Me Jump
5. Harry Potter Favourite Characters
6. Cities in the World I’d Love to See
7. Top 10 Actors
8. Favourite Guinea Pig Breeds
9. Dream Diary
10. If I Was On a Desert Island…
11. The Best Literary Heroines
12. All-Time Top 10 Songs
13. Historical Fiction Books I Want to Read
14. The Best Sci-Fi Movies Ever!
15. Things to Do Before I’m 30/40/100
16. The Funniest Jokes
17. The Animals I’d Love to Have as Pets
18. Best 80’S Kids TV Shows
19. Magical Musicals
20. Favourite YouTube Channels
21. Foods I Need to Avoid
22. My Happy Places
23. TV Shows I Never Miss
24. Brilliant Fancy Dress Costume Ideas
25. Monthly Checklist for House/Car Maintenance
26. Films I Could Watch Again and Again
27. My Family Tree
28. John Hughes Films I Have Loved
29. Classic Books that I Will Read..One Day
30. Plans for My Garden
31. My Self-Care Must Dos
32. Favourite Mr Men
33. Must-Read Blogs
34. Favourite Literary Quotes
35. Fonts I Love
36. Health & Fitness Ideas and Inspiration
37. If I Had a Dog I’d Name It…
38. Songs That Make Me Happy
39. Holiday Planning
40. Castles I Need to Visit
41. Theme Park Rides I Want to Try
42. Favourites Desserts
43. Getting More Hygge Into My Life
44. Ultimate Declutter List
45. The Best Sweets in the World
46. Fairy Tales I Adore
47. Motivational Messages
48. Flowers For My Garden
49. Nail Colours to Try
50. Room Makeover Ideas
51. If I Could Do Anything…
52. Gift Lists

Some of these could be very useful, some of these would simply be fun to think about and document! If you’re artistic, there could be some beautiful doodles here, too.

I’m off now to add the ‘The Animals I’d Love to Have as Pets’ collection to my bullet journal. Penguin, tapir, giant anteater….

Will you be adding any of these to your bullet journal? If so, have fun with them!

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10 thoughts on “52 Bullet Journal Collections Ideas….Just Because!”

  1. some lovely idea there, I might have a go. My bullet journal is something I really look forward to filling in. I’m not the most creative person either and my handwriting leaves a lot to desire, but I love keeping everything together in my journal.

  2. Lots of great ideas here Jocelyn, I’m really loving my bullet journal. On the weeks I’m busy it can be as simple as the weekly log and menu plan, but when I have a bit of extra time I love making up more thoughful spreads and doodles! 🙂 x

  3. I love this, I’ve cut down on a few of these kind of pages just as I didn’t have the time but I think I’ll have to put a few again after reading this. I definitely need a favourite literary quotes page and a de-clutter list!

    1. Yes, I don’t always add them, but every now and then, I like to empty a few random thoughts out onto paper! Glad it’s inspired you 🙂

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