6 Easy Houseplants You Must Get

I started with 6 easy houseplants, so this seems like the right number to kick off your houseplant journey with. Given that I now have nearer 70 (you can read about my becoming a plant lady journey here), it’s fair to say that I have learned quite a bit about houseplants and so I want to share some of my plant knowledge with you. These are the 6 easy houseplants that I am suggesting that you kick off with for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they are easy to take of and secondly they are easy to get. These indoor plants are usually available in most plant shops, online as I share below, and are normally inexpensive. 

If you have decided to get yourself some easy houseplants, or even better, you spotted this post and fancied trying it, then welcome to the beginning of your indoor plants journey. I shared a couple of weeks ago easy ways to get started with houseplants, so I would recommend popping over and having a read there as it will help you to get going. 

OK, before I jump in, I feel this post should carry a warning. Remember what I said up the top there? I started with 6 and now have nearer 70, and let’s be honest, by the time you read this it could well be 80, 90, 100+ who knows?! The photo below is just a small glimpse into some of the plants in my collection.

Know this, houseplants are addictive. Your home looks beautiful when it’s full of plants, you know that they’re good for you, and there is something so relaxing about caring for them. Once you get started, you also realise how many different types of houseplants there are and that’s when your wish-list begins to grow! 

Right, you have been warned, but for the brave amongst you, keep on reading and check out this list of 6 easy houseplants you must get… (These are affiliate links, meaning that if you buy I will receive a small commission, at no cost to you. Thank you.)

6 Easy Houseplants For You

We will start with one of my favourites and a plant that was immediately high up on my wish-list, a monstera deliciosa.

Monstera Deliciosa

Monsteras handle most things that you throw at them. They will manage in lower light levels, though you’ll see more growth in sunnier spots, and you can forget to water them every now and then and they will cope. And best of all, they look fabulous.

The fenestrations on their leaves comes with having more sunlight, maturity and strong roots. If you do put yours in a lower light room, as I have done, make sure that you move it from time to time to get bursts of brighter light. As with all plants, it’s also worth turning it around regularly as all leaves will be leaning towards the light source and you could end up with a lopsided plant!

Monstera Deliciosa – Click To Buy

Spider Plant

I have a couple of these around the house now and I am currently propagating spider plant babies, too. These plants will forgive you almost anything. Whilst they prefer bright light, they will manage in lower light conditions and you only need to water them a couple of times a month during the warmer months, less in the winter. Over time, they will also throw out lovely little spidery babies, so this plant is a must all-round.

Spider Plant – Click To Buy

Jade Plant

This is a Crassula Ovata but most people know it is a Jade Plant, or Money Plant. These are succulents and as such are very easy to keep alive. I had to add this plant to this list as my Jade plant is the oldest plant that I own, having had it for 20 years now. In that time, believe me it’s been neglected, yet it remains strong and thriving in my kitchen.

Jade Plant – Click To Buy

Chinese Money Plant

This is a Pilea Peperomioides, but Chinese Money Plant is easier to say! I love these plants, the shape of their leaves really appeals to me. These don’t need lots of attention or pruning, they just grow larger and more bushy for you over time.

Chinese Money Plant – Click To Buy

Peace Lily

These plants are great at removing pollutants from your home and they have the added bonus of looking pretty and flowering from time to time. Their leaves will start to droop when they are thirsty so they are great at telling you what they need.

Peace Lily- Click To Buy

Sansevieria Laurentii

There are various Sansevierias that you can get, and all are easy to care for. They like to live in bright indirect sunshine and they don’t like to sit in water or get soggy. Which is perfect for you if you think you might forget to water it occasionally! 

Sansevieria Laurentii – Click to Buy

In addition to this list, you can go for pretty much any cactus or succulent and you will be fine. They can handle plenty of neglect and only need a bright, sunny spot to thrive. Whilst I’d suggest you do water them regularly, letting them dry out between watering, they will probably survive if you neglect them for weeks, even months, in some cases. 

Easy Indoor Plants

OK, that’s my top picks, though to be honest, it was a struggle to narrow it down. I have so many favourites now. These are the houseplants that are perfect for beginners and the ones that I think will help you to fall in love with keeping indoor plants. There are plenty of other plants that are easy care, but you want them to look beautiful and enjoy them too, don’t you?

I have ensured that all plants listed have links to buy at Amazon immediately, if you’re not near any stores or don’t have time to spend searching these ones out. Whilst I haven’t bought these particular plants from the Amazon seller I am linking to, I have bought some of my other plants from them and have been very happy with them. If you are going out and about for your plants instead, you should find these plants are easy enough to find in local shops. And plant shopping is fun!

Tell me, do you have any of these plants already? Or have I tempted you to dip your toe into the world of houseplants?

This post contains affiliate links

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4 thoughts on “6 Easy Houseplants You Must Get”

  1. Jessica Chelette

    Wow! Great post. I have those plants except for the peace lily. Ask my dog why.
    I am glad I was not drinking coffee because my nostrils would be burned when I read that you had 70 plants! I thought my 25 varieties were impressive. I am miserly so I buy 3 inch tall plants or get cuttings from friends. I learned that if someone gives you a plant or cutting, do not thank them or the plant will die. It is a southern superstition.

    1. Oh yes, 70, and rising here! I am not counting all of the cuttings in the greenhouse, as the numbers really start to crank up then! 25 is impressive, any number is as long as you’re enjoying them, I think? I like that superstition, will keep it in mind!

  2. I have a few of these too….my current total of plants being 28. I often get cuttings from Ebay as well as buy plants from supermarkets. My two latest bargains were a big Monstera (£7 in a 8” pot) which, when I potted it on from it’s cramped pot, turned out to be THREE individual plants! And a month ago I picked up a Chinese Money Plant (£5) which was also in a too-small pot and which I was able to split into nine individuals. It’s SO satisfying to propagate your plants and get more for free, isn’t it?

    1. Oh, those are good bargains! I love my Monstera and Chinese Money Plant, it’s wonderful to be able to propagate loads more!

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