6 (Easy) Must-do Tasks Around The Home This Summer

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Now that the days are longer and warmer, it’s the perfect time to catch up on jobs around the home that just don’t get done on those cold winter nights when all you want to do is curl up on the sofa in your PJs and binge-watch the latest Netflix sensation. With the extra hours of daylight, there’s no excuse – there are some super quick ways to improve your home and make the most of the space you have.

Brighten Up Your Living Space

The sunny weather is great for lifting your mood, so why not bring the sunshine in by brightening your living space? Whether that’s a bigger project like redecorating a room or adding a cheery bunch of flowers to the mantelpiece, you won’t regret adding a burst of colour.

Buy some paint and throw a few drop cloths around to protect your floors and furniture. It doesn’t take long to paint four walls, but if you want to take the easy route, only change the colour of one wall. This can be your feature wall. 

Tidy Your Outside Space

Whether you have acres of land or a balcony, a back yard or a doorstep, your outside space is an important part of your home that you’re more likely to use in the summer months. If you have hedges, they’re likely to have grown unruly, so giving them a short back and sides will neaten them up. Sweeping up any debris on patios, balconies or near the door is a quick way to improve the exterior appearance of your home. If you’re green-fingered, now is the perfect time to plant out new rose bushes or bedding plants to add a splash of colour to your garden.

Why not start a vegetable patch if you are feeling ambitious? Spring is the best time to plant veggies that will be ready for the summer. Veggies like courgettes and tomatoes are easy to grow and don’t require much maintenance. You can plant them and more or less forget about them. Summer greens are also a good choice, along with runner beans, and potatoes. 

Wash the Curtains

Summer is also a great time to give anything else that doesn’t regularly get washed a good clean – cushion covers, table cloths, valance sheets – all the items you’ve been putting off running through the machine. When the sun is shining there’s nothing better than catching up on the washing and knowing it will dry in no time at all. There’s the bonus of your home smelling fresher as a result too! 

Clean the Windows

Chances are the brighter weather has brought to your attention any dirt or streaks on your windows. It’s amazing how much of a difference a thorough window clean (inside and out – no half measures here!) can make, so get out your chamois cloth and that glass will sparkle and shine in no time!

Use white vinegar and a soft cloth for the best results, inside and out. Be careful when cleaning upstairs windows. Always have a family member there to hold the ladder, so you don’t end up falling off. 

Catch Up on Your Home-related Paperwork

Perhaps you promised yourself you’d price up a kitchen refurb or a loft conversion, but never quite found the time to do it. Maybe you’ve been meaning to switch mortgage provider, or you’ve spent the last six months putting off checking out the best home insurance quotes. As you invest so much in your home it is worth doing your research to ensure your policy offers the cover you need – no one wants to think of the worst-case scenario but knowing you are covered if the worst should happen will put your mind at ease. So, choose a warm day, take yourself outside with your drink of choice and research home insurance quotes as you soak up that all-important vitamin D. Put on your favourite tunes and it will feel more like a party than a chore, promise!


Summer is the best time to do some decluttering. Take a good look around your home and see what you have that you no longer use. This could be anything from old clothes and sports equipment to bikes the kids have grown out of and books you have no intention of ever reading again.

Sort everything out and decide whether you can donate it to a charity shop, sell it on eBay, or throw it in the bin. Most things can be sold, gifted, or recycled; even old clothing. Don’t throw anything away unless it is damaged beyond repair.

These are just some suggestions of easy ways to improve your home over the summer months and make it somewhere you want to spend your precious time. Which of these will you do first?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post 

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