6 Must-Dos In Walt Disney World’s Galaxy’s Edge

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened last August at Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World and it was one of the top things that we were really looking to forward to as we’re all Star Wars fans. They have created a land that’s really immersive with great attention to detail and theming, so I thought it would be fun to share our 6 must-dos in Walt Disney World’s Galaxy’s Edge.

Millenium Falcon at Galaxy's Edge

Must-Dos In Walt Disney World’s Galaxy’s Edge

Must do!! Ride Rise of the Resistance

This ride is amazing. I won’t spoil it for you, and there are plenty of ride videos out there if you want to check it out, but it has so many different elements to it and it is so immersive, we all absolutely loved it. I can see why it’s causing such a stir and I can also see why it’s having some reliability issues.

This is a ride that you currently cannot get a FastPass for (I don’t mean that they’re hard to get, you literally cannot get one, Disney don’t release any) and you cannot wait in line for it. The only way to ride it is by grabbing yourself a boarding pass.

At the moment, you can get a boarding pass by being in the park when it opens and getting on your My Disney Experience app and hitting the Join Boarding Group button. All of your party needs to be inside the park if they wish to ride it and these boarding passes have all been known to go within one minute, so it’s a case of fastest finger first and I would recommend steering clear of the park’s Wi-Fi as it really slows down with everyone trying to use it at exactly the same time.

We did well and got boarding group 20 on our trip and we were called before 9am, though the ride then broke down with us on it and we returned several times before eventually getting on. It was worth the extra hassle!

Drink the blue milk in Galaxy’s Edge

You can buy blue milk and green milk at The Milk Stand in Galaxy’s Edge. This is an iconic drink so we had to get it and tried both. Three of us preferred the blue, one liked the green, though they were both OK. This is one of those drinks that you are unlikely to absolutely love and keep getting, but it just has to be done!

Blue and Green Milk at Galaxy's Edge

Build a lightsaber or a droid

We opted to build droids as my son has several lightsabers already and I really didn’t feel the need for one more in the house! They are also the more expensive option of the two.

You can book into Savi’s Workshop to build a lightsaber or the Droid Depot to build a droid. It is worth making a reservation as lines are long for these experiences. You can book them at 180 days out.

Our kids loved this experience, it is fun choosing all of the components and then assembling your very own droid. It is then activated and paired with a remote control. They have enjoyed playing with these and both the droid and remote control take normal batteries, though we haven’t needed to yet so they seem quite good on battery life.

Eat a Ronto Wrap in Galaxy’s Edge

I’ll admit that I wasn’t too sure about this, not sure I’d like it. I was wrong. We had the Ronto Morning Wrap and we had it towards the end of our holiday. If we’d had it at the start, I would have had more! It’s at Ronto Roasters and you can mobile order it. They also have a Ronto Wrap available for lunch and dinner and I need to try that next time.

Ronto wrap at Galaxy's Edge

Visit Oga’s Cantina bar

If you know Star Wars, you know the Cantina bar. And if you know Star Wars well enough to know the Cantina bar, you are probably going to want to go to Oga’s Cantina bar!

Again, this is one that is worth making a reservation for as it is very popular. You are allowed two drinks per person and have a limited time slot. You will probably get a standing table, and often can be with other parties.

They have an exclusive drinks menu (I’d recommend the non-alcoholic Jabba Juice) and this one is not on the dining plan. For me, I am glad I did this one but I have no need to go back there again. I have ticked it off and enjoyed the experience as it really is a must-do for fans.

Step on board the Millennium Falcon

The Millennium Falcon is actually a ride, Smuggler’s Run. You need to go on this so that you go on board the Falcon as the details are amazing. We had a FastPass for this one so I think we missed some of the theming in our shorter queue but it was still brilliant.

Just before you board the ride, you get to sit at the chess table and have a look around, it’s so good. I would not rate this ride especially, and it’s not as impressive as Rise of the Resistance. For me, it threw me about a bit and it’s a kind of simulator which I don’t do that well on. That said, I would recommend you ride it at least once and the Husband really enjoyed it and rode it a couple of times. You get to be different roles on board so do get different experiences. He was a pilot the first time and then an engineer the second, and I tried the gunner role. But whether you ride it or not, you just have to go on it to be on board the Millennium Falcon!

What would be your must-dos in Walt Disney World’s Galaxy’s Edge?

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