6 Reasons To Use Lists

Are you a list-maker? On paper or screen? I certainly am. I cannot do without lists, and lists for a whole range of tasks, projects and ideas. Most of mine live in my bullet journal though there’s the odd one elsewhere. Lists help me to organise myself and everything else and they keep me on track every single day. If something is happening here, there is likely to be a list for it! To me lists are very freeing, and I’ll share why here in my 6 reasons to use lists.

Reasons To Use Lists

1. Lists helps you to remember stuff

This has got to be the main reason to make lists, hasn’t it? Whether the list be a birthday gift ideas list, a list of books you’d like to read or a to-do list, they are all being noted down as reminders, I think.

It can be so hard to remember everything that you need to juggle on a daily basis, so note them down and you know you won’t forget. 

2. Lists enable you to get it out of your head

A list lightens your load. We’ve established that they help you to remember stuff, so get everything out in a list and it is no longer being carried around in your head. There is a benefit to writing things down and your mind if freed up for other things now!


3. Lists help you to focus

The process of writing a list makes you stop and fully focus on the task in hand. For example, what do you really need to achieve today, what are the priorities? These help with the days when you are swamped as you can draw out the essentials or days when you have little on so that you feel you will still have been productive. Lists such as project lists enable you to break everything down and think about all that you need to do to get it all done.

It can be worth headlining these lists and then breaking them down into priorities, perhaps number them to order them? 

4. Lists are an opportunity to review

A list can be revised and revisited in a much more organised way that turning things over in your mind can. Lists can be used for pros and cons over decisions, they can be used to detail plans that you can then review and alter as needed and they can be used around budgets allowing you to fully consider all angles and costs before taking the plunge. So yes, lists can save you time and money.

5. Lists enable you to tick things off

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as ticking off or crossing off an item on your list. I might even add tasks onto the list after I’ve completed them sometimes just so that I can tick them off. Normal, right?

bookworm and stationery addicts gifts

6. Lists are a great reason to use pretty stationery

Need I say more?? 

Lists means you can have jotters, notebooks, a variety of colourful pens and highlighters and all are needed as they keep you organised. 

So there you have it, these are my 6 reasons for using lists. Are they compelling enough for you to start using lists? Or are you already a passionate list advocate?!


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4 thoughts on “6 Reasons To Use Lists”

  1. Lists are my life! I really don’t know how I would cope without them. They are great for getting everything out of your head and on to paper, even if I don’t action them I feel so much better just for writing them. I totally agree with number 6 too, any excuse for some new pretty stationery x

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