6 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Get Organised Today

6 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Get Organised Today

You know you need to organise yourself. You know that it would make things so much easier. But when will you find the time, as it seems like such a huge task? Well, maybe now’s the time to discover a whole new organised you, as I’m going to share with you 6 ridiculously easy ways to get organised today. Yes, today.

OK, I will put my hands up and preface this post with the fact that I am one of life’s natural organisers. I like to be organised, I feel happier when I am organised, and the truth is, it’s not that hard to do. So today I thought it’d be helpful to share with you 6 easy ways that I stay on tops of things and keep the chaos at bay!

6 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Get Organised Today

1. Write It Down

You might write it in a planner, on a calendar, in a notebook or an app on your phone, it doesn’t matter just get it out of your head. To stay organised, you can’t have too many things spinning round in your head, as it’ll get way too confusing and be hard to stay on track. So the best way to get things out of your head is to write them down.

But that’s half the job, of course, as where you write them down is also key to getting organised. I can pretty much guarantee that if you think of that organised person in your life, they have a planner, a handy app on their phone, a well-scribbled on calendar, or as is the case with me, a bullet journal.

Whichever method you choose, use it to collect any and everything that you know you’re going to need to remember. I favour a bullet journal as I can use it to consider monthly tasks, daily to-do lists, scribble down ideas such as Christmas lists and so on, all in the one place. But go with whatever works for you. Just get it written down, out of your head, and into some semblance of a reminder system.

Action Point: Download an app, grab a notebook, start a bullet journal or order a planner now.

2. Plan Ahead

So you are now getting things out of your head and written down, so get organised with it and plan. Whether this be daily, weekly, monthly or longer, to be organised you are going to need to plan. This needn’t sound as arduous and dull a task as you might think. It can be really very simple, and I can guarantee that it will save you time, money and from that nagging feeling that you have forgotten something!

Take a look at your calendar, what have you got coming up? A birthday, a party, an evening out, parents evening, whatever it is, plan for it. There will then be all of those odd jobs and chores that you know you need to get around to sorting, write them down and then assign them to a day/week/month task list. You’ll spot things you can instantly tick off, and you will also appreciate that you have plenty of time to get everything done. By breaking tasks down into monthly, weekly, daily, it should stop that overwhelming feeling of needing to do EVERYTHING in one go! The planning should mean you don’t feel like a headless chicken juggling too many things. There will be time to get everything done, just plan it.

Action Point: Take a look at your calendar, what have you got on the horizon? Pop any tasks that need completing onto your calendar, phone or planner – whichever method you chose in point one. Then plan ahead for them!

3. Identify the Time Wasters

There will be things that you do in your day or your week that are a complete waste of time. They are pointless tasks that take up both time and space in your mind. You need to take a moment to identify them and then get rid of them. Yes, I know you’re busy and you don’t have time to stop and think about this, but I promise you, a few moments spent here will save you a lot of wasted future moments.

So what could the time wasters be? Do you have half a dozen cushions on your bed that you take off and then put on each day? Do you need them? No, throw them out. How often do you check that app on your phone? Does it add any benefit to you? No, then delete it. Do you have to move something repeatedly to get to something else, day in and day out? Have a reshuffle and reorder things. You get the idea, and I bet as soon as you started reading this something popped into your head that you just know is a time waster!

Action Point: Identify 3 time-wasters and stop doing them, now!

4. Assign One, And Only One, Clutter Space

We all have that space in our home that is where things seem to gravitate to. For me, it’s a drawer in our kitchen. That’s where receipts go, forms to keep, bills to pay, you get the idea. And every now and then, I go over to it and clear it out, probably once a month or so. But that’s it, there is nowhere else housing clutter and items like this so I am all set. And even better, I know that when I need to find something like this, it will always be there in that drawer. There’s simply nowhere else to look!

If you have clutter all over the place, it is going to be hard to stay organised and on top of things, so give your home or office space some attention today and de-clutter it. I’d recommend getting something like this filing system if you don’t already have something similar so you have everything organised and easy to find. Again, do not get overwhelmed here, any improvement is an improvement, so start small and build up if you have lots to clear.

Action Point: Grab a bin bag and get clearing out!

6 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Get More Organised Today

5. Do It Now, Not Later

Does your laundry pile build up to the size of an unappealing mountain of ironing? Do you ever get a letter home from school and just ‘file’ it? Does your child receive party invitations and you pop them on one side to deal with at the weekend? Do. It. Now.

What’s stopping you?

To get organised, this one needs to become something of a mantra for you!

It will take you 2 minutes to reply to that invitation now. Or, it will take you a second to put it down somewhere. Another minute or two to find where you left it. Several moments throughout the week of ‘Oh, I must reply to that invitation’, another minute or two wracking your brain on when the RSVP date is, and then a rummage to locate it under the other tasks you’ve set aside before finally hitting reply. Hopefully in time. Just reply now.

The key to being organised is not allowing things to build up. You can keep on top of everything and keep all of those plates spinning as long as you are not getting weighed down by overdue tasks and clutter.

Action Point: Create an overdue task to-do list today. Get those items ticked off, and then going forward don’t put tasks off.

6. Say ‘No’ and Delegate

Organised people tend to be able to say ‘no’ when they need to and are good at delegating. Personally, I am organised but I’m not a perfectionist, which means delegation is a dream to me! As long as the task it getting done, I am not worrying too much over how well it is getting done!

To start being organised and to stay on track, you can’t always do everything. You might be able to help out a friend one day, take your child to that after school thing one day, but maybe not all the time? Maybe sometimes it just needs to be ‘no’ for you to stay on top of things?

And where can things be delegated? Either to someone else in your home or work, or get help for some chores from others. If finances allow and you need a cleaner or someone to do your lawns, get someone. Are there little jobs around the home that your children could do in return for pocket money? Does it have to be you organising Christmas lunch this year, can someone else host or help out?

Action Point: Just take a moment to look over your plans and time wasters list and think about where saying ‘no’ might improve things or where you could delegate to get more done.

Bonus Tip! Be Realistic and Celebrate The Wins

To be organised and to stay organised, you’ll need to be realistic about what you can actually achieve. This links back to planning and planning well.

It can be so easy to overwhelm yourself with everything that you need to do, that the whole list goes out the window. Don’t do that! Acknowledge what you can get done, what you have got done, and celebrate the wins. This is yet another reason that I love a to-do list, as at a glance you can see whether it is way too much, and then you can go through it ticking things off. Even if you do not manage to get all of those items ticked, some will be, so remember that you are still one step further on than you were the day before. That’s a win.

Action Point: Go review that list and reflect upon all that you have achieved today.

One day, one day of easy practical tasks and a few shifts in perspective, and you can and will become a new, more organised you! Do all of them or just one of them, as any move into a more organised routine has got to be a good thing, right?

So what will you do today that will help you to be more organised? Tell me, I’d love to know!


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12 thoughts on “6 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Get Organised Today”

    1. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of putting things off and then before you know it they have become much bigger tasks, so frustrating. Hope some of the tips work for you, best of luck getting back on top of it x

  1. Love posts like this. I’m good at writing things down and planning ahead but getting rid of time wasters… not so good. Interestingly, I hadn’t thought of it in an overall content of simplifying everything (like the cushions) so that’s something I need to review. Thanks for sharing your tips!

    1. Time wasters always sneak into our lives and we don’t really notice them until we force ourselves to stop and look. Glad it’s helped!

  2. Your post got me motivated to call and make a couple appointments that I keep putting off. Thanks!! Now if I can just get motivated to fold that pile of sheets waiting for me!!

  3. This is great, thanks. I have always thought the half dozen cushions on the bed is ridiculous! When/why did that even start? Pet peeve!

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