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6 Tips To Encourage Your Daughter to Become More Creative

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Creativity is a skill, rather than an inborn talent. It is something that a parent can encourage their child to work on and help develop. Creativity is key to success in almost everything we do, and it is a major component of happiness and health, making it a core skill to practice with your child. If you have a daughter, you will notice that there are a number of things that will interest their creative side, and with all the benefits that come with a creative mind, it makes sense to do what you can as a parent to work on it and support it. Creativity is something that empowers women, so to empower your little lady, you should use these six tips to encourage her to become more creative.

Provide the Resources

Providing your daughter with all of the resources that they need to encourage creative expression is essential. Time is a key resource, as well as a space to express their creative side (such as a room to make a mess, a wall to paint, or a corner for craft). When it comes to commercial items, you should look into purchasing costume components, building materials, cheap cameras, art supplies, etc.

Support Drawing Time

There are many benefits of drawing time for a daughter, and it is a great place to start before working on her creative skills. To start her off, you should look at these sketchbooks for girls. These girls’ sketchbooks are affordable and look great. Your daughter will be able to draw whatever she wants to, which you can work with. For example, if she draws a castle, you could build it together.

girl at desk drawing

Read for Pleasure

Reading is a highly effective way of building your daughter’s imagination. Encouraging your girl to read for pleasure and participate in the arts will make room for other creative activities, such as reading books or rehearsing a play, and it will also make room for that all-important drawing time. Limiting screen time on games consoles, tablets, TV, etc., is the perfect way to make room for these creative activities.

Allow Self Expression

Giving your daughter the chance to express herself and think differently will improve her creative skills. Letting her disagree with you, tell you her thoughts, and think of other routes to a solution (and vice versa) are great ways to get her mind to think outside the box and improve her level of initiative. When she solves something successfully, you should get her to do it again in another way.

Don’t Reward Creativity

This may sound unusual, but you should avoid awarding your daughter for displaying creativity. When you give her an incentive, it will interfere with her creative process. This will reduce the flexibility of her thoughts and the quality of her reactions. Praising her and showing appreciation for good work is always recommended. Just avoid bribes or rewards.

Avoid Being Bossy

When working on your child’s skills, you should give them the autonomy and freedom to explore their thoughts and ideas in the way that they want to do it. There is a lot of fear and worry that comes with the thought of giving your child freedom; however, when you avoid being bossy and overprotective when it is not needed, your daughter will become more flexible when it comes to thinking.

Girls love to be creative and, fortunately, you won’t have to push them too hard to work on this skill. You just need to work out what they like best and support it. When something is fun and interesting, working on it won’t feel like such a chore.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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