6 Ways To Declutter Your Home (For Peace of Mind)

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Your home is a personal sanctuary that can influence your mood and well-being. 

If you fail to keep it tidy, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to the negative effects of a messy abode.

These effects don’t only stay in the physical realm. They can also make you develop a worsening mental state that can impair your productivity and relationships.

There’s no doubt that you’d like to keep your mental health in top shape. 

And in order to do that, you need to ensure that your surroundings are conducive to such a state.

Need actionable tips to help you achieve a clean house and mind? Here are a couple of ways you can declutter your home effectively.

1) Reduce The Furniture Around the House

Furniture is a staple for an aesthetic home, but having too much of it can make your space feel too cluttered and disorganised.

If you want to bring down the clutter levels in your home, then you have to do one (frankly quite obvious) thing: remove the clutter!

For instance, if you have a small coffee table or stool blocking the flow of your room layout, address them by removing them altogether.

You can give them away, throw them, or donate them—the choice is ultimately up to you. 

As long as you get them out of the house, then you can have the benefits of a nice and orderly home.

2) Keep Table Surfaces Free From Clutter

Besides removing the big objects like furniture, also consider removing the tiny ones.

Tiny trinkets can accumulate and take up quite a bit of space in your rooms. 

Things like picture frames, snow globes, potted plants, and vases may look nice when properly laid out—but if there are too many of these pieces of clutter, it can be disorienting and quite unsightly.

That feeling of sentimentality towards some of these objects may be strong, but if you really aim to have a home you deserve, then get rid of these objects by throwing, donating, or selling them. 

You may also store them in a box somewhere in your attic if they’re really special to you.

3) Avoid Falling Into The Habit of Collecting

It’s all good and healthy to have hobbies. 

But if your hobby is causing your room to look like a hoarder’s den, then it might be worthwhile to reconsider your collecting hobby.

Whether you collect figures, perfumes, cameras, books, or anything moderately bulky—know that these things can take up space. 

If you can, set up a dedicated cabinet in an unobtrusive area to showcase your trinkets. You definitely don’t have to dispose of them immediately.

However, if shelf space is tight and things are starting to flow out into the floors, then you should consider downsizing and removing some of these items, whether it be by disposing, selling, or donating.

And if you’re not in any collecting hobby yet, then great, keep at it. But for chronically messy folks, focus on removing what you currently have that’s causing your room to look messy.

4) Clear Floors and Walls

While it can be tempting to fill in empty spaces with artwork or shelves, you should consider leaving some walls free from any decoration. 

Untouched space can be beautiful on its own. It gives the viewer some space to take in the beauty and vibe of the room without overwhelming them. 

If you have too many items on your wall shelf or picture frames hung on the wall, consider removing them. 

This can help create a sense of spaciousness in your home, which can further promote a tranquil environment that soothes the brain.

The same philosophy applies to furniture set on the floor. If you have too many random objects lying about in your living room or bedroom floor, consider getting rid of them to increase your space.

By freeing your walls and floors from the clutches of random things, you can transform your once-cluttered home into something more calming and pleasant to live in.

5) Simplify Window Space

Does your window sill have too many random objects lying about? Is your curtain jarring to look at?

The window is a crucial part of your home. It allows light to stream through it, making it a critical design element of your home.

If it’s too cluttered, it can wear your mind down. As such, it’s a good idea to simplify your window space by removing excess material in there.

For example, if you have figurines taking up space on the window sill, consider donating or selling them. If your curtains are unsightly, get a new one that’s more minimalistic and practical, like a blackout curtain.

By doing these habits, you can make a critical point of your home looking aesthetic and spotless, which can set a good lasting impression on you, your family, and your guests. 

6) Outsource the cleaners

Let’s face it: a handful of us are too busy to be worrying about the cleanliness of the house. From taking out the trash to segregating, following a bullet checklist of things to do can be quite time-consuming and physically tiring. 

Furthermore, it’s possible to do the cleaning wrong or inefficiently, wasting precious time and resources.

If you want a stress-free option, consider getting cleaning services from businesses like Absolute Domestics. Hiring professional cleaners can help you spend more time on the things that matter the most. 

Plus, for aged individuals, some grants can help you get cheaper prices on cleaners—making this route a no-brainer for the right individual.

6) Don’t Repeat the Cycle

If your house is finally mess-free, great, enjoy it!

However, going minimalistic and decluttering your home is not a one-and-done sort of thing. It’s a lifestyle.

It’s all too common for people to clean their homes (or get cleaning services) only to find themselves in the same position of needing to deep clean their homes years later.

In many cases, this is because you and/or a member of your family don’t strictly follow proper habits regarding rubbish disposal.

Furthermore, you may also have a shopping addiction, causing you to buy a bulk of things you don’t really need.

To keep your home clutter-free for good, it’s important that you pay attention to your personal habits and rectify habits that may interfere with your ability to keep your home clean.

For instance, instead of throwing your cardboard box in a dump in your home to save it for later (and let’s say the term “later” here may span multiple months if not years), consider disposing of them in the most appropriate way in your city. 

This means putting trash in their respective rubbish bins, general waste, recyclables, and organic food.

And for cases wherein your collecting hobby is ruining your finances, you need to exercise complete restraint and try to avoid gambling if possible. 

Statistically, the dealer will typically win most casino games. So be sure that you’re unchained to the casinos (and ideally, not return ever again).

Wishing you the best!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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