65 Things To Send With Your Happy Mail

Along with lovely chatty letters, sometimes you just want to find something else to send with your happy mail, don’t you? It might be a little taste of home, a pick me up treat or a slow down and smile gift, and often it can be these extra touches that can really elevate your snail mail package. But it’s not always easy to find things to add to your mail that are easy to post, which is why today I am sharing a huge list of inspiration for you.

This list is full of mostly flat, small things that can fit inside an envelope, and a few items that should still be able to fit inside a letter box. I will preface this with the fact that you don’t ever have to send extras with your happy mail, just connecting is always going to be enough, But, if you fancy trying something different, then read on for 65 things to send with your happy mail.

65 things to send with your happy mail

1. Stickers

2. Postcards


4. Doodles

5. Papercrafts

6. Maps

7. Poems

8. Mail tags (I share more about mail tags here)

9. Recipes

10. Magazine articles

11. Photos ( your hometown, your pets, your house, your garden, you!)

12. Seeds

13. Drawings

14. Flat sweets

15. Tea bags

16. Chewing Gum

17. Pocket Letters (here’s an easy guide to how to make a pocket letter)

18. Pressed flowers

19. Planner inserts

20. Journal prompts

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21. Band aids/plasters (fun ones!)

22. Scratch cards/art

23. Coloured pens

24. Cartoon strip

25. About Me sheets

26. Flipbooks

27. Mini-books (click for a simple how to make mini-books tutorial)

28. Washi tape

29. Balloons

30. Paper clips


31. Crochet treat (a coaster, bookmark, decoration)

32. Cross stitch

33. Ribbons

34. Temporary tattoos

35. Coloured/fun pencils

36. Post-it notes

37. Labels

38. Coupons

39. Envelopes

40. Twine/string

41. Bandanas

42. Seasonally themed printables

43. Holiday/Vacation reports

44. Books (if you’ve just really enjoyed a book, why not pass it on to your pen pal?)

45. Index cards

46. Cappuccino sachets

47. Plant cuttings (if sending within same country)

48. Ticket stubs

49. Mini notebooks

50. Face masks

51. Hot chocolate sachets

52. Jewellery

53. Notepaper

54. Stencils

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55. Friendship bracelets

56. Charms

57. Confetti

58. Badges/Pins

59. Magnet

60. Puzzles

61. Keychains

62. Scrapbook ephemera

63. Stamps

64. Mini collages

65. Leaflets from places you’ve visited

Mail Ideas and envelopes

So there you have it, 65 things to send with your happy mail. If you regularly send snail mail out, what else have you sent before? Or is there something that you’ve received that I have not mentioned? 

This blog is jam-packed with happy mail advice, so do take a poke around while you’re here. There’s everything you need, from what to write to your pen pal to free pen pal resources, so don’t miss out on those.

What would you add to this list? I’d love to hear more pen pal ideas!

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11 thoughts on “65 Things To Send With Your Happy Mail”

  1. Ok maybe I’m insane, but I don’t get why all this stuff. Is a beautifully written, long chatty letter on lovely stationary not enough any more? I don’t want to junk up and already lovely floral envelope with STICKERS. Also, what am I supposed to do with the stickers and other stuff people send that i have no use for? Can I just regift them? I understand sending something I know they like once in a while…
    This is NOT to bash on people who like this stuff. I just don’t, never have. I’m trying to wrap my head around an idea that’s completely foreign to me. Some help would ne greatly appreciated.

    1. A long chatty letter is absolutely wonderful, but then for others, part of the fun is sending some little treats with their happy mail. And they love stickers and using them to decorate with, especially if using plain paper as it can pretty it up. Do whatever you enjoy!

    2. Some people don’t have access to a lovely floral envelope/have a different style than that. I am in a kawaii group, and the letter is always the most important part, but we love sticking on cutesy stuff, too. It’s just a preference thing, and it’s perfectly fine if it’s not yours. 🙂 Also, regifting is perfectly fine. Some people send out random goodies/things from their stash, and don’t curate it to the penpal. I often get things that are not *quite* my style, and save them for when I find out a particular penpal really loves them, or use them to send RAK’s to people I don’t know as well. I hope I’ve helped a bit. 🙂 Do what you’re comfortable with, and just let your penpals know what that is. 🙂 There are THOUSANDS of people looking for penpals. There are definitely people who would agree with you and be a good fit/be willing to simplify mail for you. 🙂

    3. I think it’s just however you want to put it together and how well you know your pals. I send random stuff I like, stickers, color pages, a list of good movies depending your mood, even random poster board stickers or a paper photo prop, even cute napkins. If they are crafters then they usually try to make something with it or put it in a scrapbook. ☺️☺️

    4. I’m with you, Valerie. It is fun to send something once in a while, but it looks as if it has become more of a requirement in many cases. I prefer letters to the ephemera.

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