7 Easy Perennials for Every Garden

I enjoy gardening these days. I haven’t always, but over the last few years I have redesigned most of my garden and added more new plants than I can really count. I like to potter about out there and I enjoy seeing it change over the seasons. I like to see colour and pretty blooms, but I also like it all to be relatively easy so that I can leave it all if I am busy. With this in mind, I thought it would be helpful to share with you 7 easy perennials for every garden, those plants that are relatively hardy, need little maintenance and are sure to delight you when they flower.

I have chosen all of the following as they are readily available in any garden centre and are easy to look after. Of course there are plenty of different varieties of them, so you could fill your garden up with just these 7 easy perennials and still have a hundred different kind of plants. I have also chosen them as they are amongst my personal favourites in my own garden and I just couldn’t imagine a garden without them.

Easy Perennials


A buddleja is a shrub, that can often grow to tree-like heights. This is one that you’ll want to cut back hard each year and it will still come back quickly for you the following year. It’s likely to thrive in any position and any soil, and is a hardy shrub. It tends to flower in mid to late summer and is a wonderful shrub to have if you are looking to attract wildlife to your garden, often known as the butterfly bush.


Ah, my personal favourites. Whether it’s a shrub, climber or rambler, these can be dotted all over your garden and add beauty and fragrance. These are normally easy to care for, just look out for any black spot on their leaves as they are prone to this. If you see it, simply cut it away and ensure you remove the affected leaves as if left on the soil they can get into the roots. Every rose is different in its appearance, size and strength of fragrance, so check the labels when choosing. Most like sunshine or partial sun and most will be able to adapt to any soil type. They can flower from spring to autumn, depending on the rose, and some may repeat flower. I’d also recommend a rose garden, because, well, what could be prettier?!



I find myself buying one or two new hydrangeas every year, I don’t think that I’ll ever have enough. They like sunny or partial sun positions, though don’t like it really hot so consider that when you position them and be sure to water them during hot spells. Their leaves vary in colour, as of course do their flowers. There are also different types of hydrangea, such as mophead, lacecap, panicle and smooth, and all will produce different types of flowers. Your soil can also affect the colour of these flowers, which absolutely fascinates me. There are hundreds and hundreds of varieties, so enjoy exploring and taking your pick.


Clematis are normally climbers, though there are some ground covering varieties available. From huge eye-catching blooms to small dainty flowers, there are plenty to choose from. With varieties flowering from spring through to autumn, just take your pick. Flowers are often pinks, purples and whites and some may produce a smattering of large flowers or be covered in smaller blooms. Heights and range can vary hugely, so do take a look at this information prior to planting and be sure to plant two inches deeper than in the pot as clematis can wilt.


Like the clematis, honeysuckle can transform a plain fence or wall. Some grow vigorously, others can take a while to establish. They tend to weather winters well and are generally hardy, doing well in sun or partial sun and all soil types. Some might grow a metre or two, others to 7 metres, so do take a look at each individual label before buying. The leaves and flowers are both pretty and can change colours throughout the seasons, this is one worth having several of, each flowering and growing at different times throughout the year.


Rhododendrons are great additions as they can grow to great sizes and produce stunning flowers during the spring/early summer. They can be amongst the first splashes of colour in your garden in the dreary months and they often thrive in partial shade so can be a good choice for those trickier areas to fill. As such, they do well in well-drained moist soil, and suit most soil types aside from chalk.


I have developed a love of heucheras quite recently. They are relatively understated, but the foliage is eye catching, made even prettier when they are in flower. There are many different types, and they do well in all soil types and either sun or partial sun. There are literally hundreds of varieties and I think I will make it my mission to acquire a couple of new ones every season!

Do you have any of these in your garden? What would you have to add to a must have easy perennials list? 

Do show me, tag me on social, I love seeing pictures of people’s gardens!

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2 thoughts on “7 Easy Perennials for Every Garden”

  1. This is so useful Jocelyn, I really want to make more of my garden but never know where to start when it comes to plants. I’ve written some of these perennials down so I can look for them when I’m out shopping. I really want to add Honeysuckle as it smells amazing x

    1. You’re welcome, happy to help. These are all easy to find and look after, hope you manage to get some. And yes, i do love Honeysuckle x

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