7 Letter Prompts For Your Happy Mail

Let’s chat snail mail today. I want to give you 7 letter prompts for your happy mail so that you have lots of ideas when you sit down to write to your pen pals.

This is something that I get asked about quite regularly. I know that uncertainty over what to write is something that puts some people off getting pen pals or continuing to write to them. It’s such a shame not to take up and enjoy this lovely hobby because you’re out of ideas, so I want to give you a few today so that you can be confident to take a new pen pal.

Letter Prompts For Pen Pals

Share what you and your family or friends have been up to lately.

This is a great place to start.

Big or small, any news is worth sharing. Your life is unique to you and it’s nice to share your latest happenings with your pen pal.

Describe your hometown or country right now.

If it’s a new pen pal, this is a great place to start. 

Let them know a little about where you come from, how long you’ve been there, what you like about it and so on.

If it’s someone you’ve written to for a while, you could let them know what’s happening in your home or country from time to time. They’re might be big events on or some local news you’d like to share. 

Let them know if you’ve any upcoming plans you’re excited about.

We all tend to have something coming up in our diaries, so share it.

Whether it’s giving a new class a try, an outing with a friend, a family day out or a holiday, tell them!

happy mail

Chat about your passions or hobbies.

This can ne a huge area to explore, especially if you discover over time that you have similar hobbies.

You might talk about your gardens and what you’ve been up to out there, or perhaps you both love sports and want to talk about what you’ve been enjoying, playing and watching. 

Tell them what you’ve been loving recently.

Whether it’s your latest Netflix binge, a book you can’t put down, the change in seasons or something you’ve bought, share it.

Take a moment before you write to think about what has been making you smile recently, or what keeps occupying our mind. Whatever it is, that’s the thing to write about. 

Share a favourite memory from your childhood.

This one is a nice one to think about yourself.

Take yourself back there and pick a moment to share. Whether it’s because it makes you laugh, takes you right back, or it’s just special to you, let your pen pal know about it. 

Play ‘If I Could….’

This one’s nice and simple to do, just complete that sentence and then talk about it.

Perhaps it’s ‘if I could be anywhere right now…’, or ‘if I could have any job…’, it really can be anything at all you want to share.

It’s good to let our imagination loose on this one, daydreaming is good for us, isn’t it?

With all of these prompts, do invite your pen pal to share their news in a similar way. 

When writing about your plans, ask whether they have any. When you share your childhood memory, ask them to share theirs, and so on. 

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Get a Pen Pal!

Has this inspired you to get a pen pal? I do hope so! 

There’s loads of information and inspiration on the blog about pen pals, so do use the search facility for that – pen pals, happy mail, snail mail, those terms should all throw up some ideas for you.

Right now, I have a pen pal sign up thread running over on my Instagram, so do check that out. And if you come to this post a little later and it’s no longer running, give me a follow as I do these from time to time and sign up for my newsletter so you never miss anything again.

Our Facebook group is also a good place to find a pen pal, again, details are below so you can pop by there and check out the papery chat. 

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