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7 Things To Start Today So You’re All Set For Christmas

I know, I know, it’s only October and some of you are looking forward to autumn, Halloween and just all things not-Christmas before thinking about Christmas! I do get it, but as one of life’s organisers, it is now lurking in my consciousness that it’s on the horizon so I am started to make a few plans to ensure it’s all sorted and I can enjoy the holiday season when it arrives.

I do tend to plan ahead with Christmas, as I like to get certain things all ready by the beginning of December so I can then throw myself into just having fun with the kids that month, as Advent arrives. 

If you like to be ahead too, or perhaps always strive to be yet never quite make it, then today’s post is for you. I want to share with you 7 things to start today so you’re all set for Christmas. This is about getting ahead with small steps that will ensure no last minute panicking! 

Christmas decorations

Think about the Christmas period itself and decide where you want to be and who you’d like to see and when. Think about those Christmas traditions that you enjoy and arrange to do them with others if you’d like to. Think about where you’d like to be on the day itself, who you’d like to see over the festive period and the fun you’d like to have. You can then begin arranging that with your loved ones in your life. 

Begin a Christmas gift list. Think about who you’d like to give a gift to and then jot down ideas for them. You might need to ask others for ideas for some of these, so send a couple of messages to get that ball rolling. You might be making gifts, and if so, now might be the time to begin. 

Start your present shopping. You may well have already started this one, perhaps even as early as the January sales! If not, choose something to buy or order today so that you feel you have the ball rolling and can start getting gifts in the run up to the season, spreading them out. 

If you send cards, write your card list and ensure you have enough cards in. Rifle through your cupboards to see what sort of stash you have from previous years.  If you need more, make a note to pick some up the next time you’re out and about so they are ready for when you want to settle down to write them.

Look into booking shopping slots or ordering food. This one will be dependant on where you want to shop. You might find butchers and farm shops are already taking orders and supermarkets tend to release their slots in the next few weeks. 

Think about the decorations. This might be super easy as you love everything you had last year and know exactly where you stored it, ready to get it when needed in a few weeks time. If so, job done! But if you want a new tree, wreath, decorations, table settings or anything else festive, get thinking about it and planning it. 

Write your Christmas fun list. We should all have one of these! What would you like to do over the festive season? It can be anything you want, things like watching Christmas films, visiting friends, going to see Father Christmas, enjoying church services, making a gingerbread house, absolutely anything that means something to you and your loved ones. This list will no doubt put you in a great mood and give you the energy to complete points 1-6 on this list! 

Where are you at with organising Christmas. I need to make a start, so I’d best get going with these ideas! 



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6 thoughts on “7 Things To Start Today So You’re All Set For Christmas”

  1. Christmas shopping starts the day after Christmas and all year round. smiles A book with what I might have bought and sometimes I have a minute to wrap and lock in the Birthday/Christmas closet from curious little ones, and big ones too. LOL

  2. Sonia Janatowski

    As much as I don’t want to think about Christmas yet (lol) this is a fantastic idea! I am going to start this tonight and make a planner dedicated to Christmas. Something I can carry with me while shopping. Thank you posting this!

  3. I do the list of gifts on a slip of paper that folds in half and I just forward it to the next gift occasion after each week of use. I list the folks and dates and then as I get things together where they are stored and price amount to stay on track with the budget for gifts. I have a separate list that is labeled with donations and then it’s just the items and each person’s initial, this is really a list of gifts that are ongoing ideas and if things are checked off then it’s been bought, and if crossed out that item has been given.

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