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7 Ways To Help Speed Selling Your House Along

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Taking a little extra time preparing your house, getting it ready to go to market and having all documentation sorted, will see you rewarded with selling your home faster and at a higher rate.

There are various factors to consider when selling your property, such as when is the best time to sell a house. However, knowing what will sell a home quicker, is at the top of many sellers list. Here are just a handful of ways to help speed selling your house along.

Create A Strong First Impression

Making a good first impression does count, especially with buyers who are judging your home. The second they arrive at your home, they will have partially formed an opinion of your house before they have even stepped foot inside. Take a step back and compare the front of your home with others on the street, take note of how they have presented the front of their house.

Simple things like cutting back hedges, mowing the grass, clearing the pathway and even cleaning the windows, can help to create a strong impression for potential buyers.

Pick The Right Agent

Aside from deciding that you want to sell, one of the early steps of the selling process is finding an estate agent. Finding the right estate agent is a very important part of the process, as it will have a significant impact on how quickly you can sell your house, and at what price.

You want to find one that will assure you that they follow the best practice, meets all requirements and works to industry standards. This will help to increase your chances of selling your property.

Look for local agents that understand the market in your area, for example if you’re buying around Romford, do look for Estate Agents Romford as they will be able to assist you with local knowledge.  Or perhaps try eXp Realty’s real estate if you’re looking at property in Georgia.

Complete DIY Projects Before Visits

A well-maintained house gives the impression that it well cared for, a quality that potential buyers will take into consideration. Before putting your house on the market, consider getting any problems you notice fixed.

For instance, filling holes in walls and check for clogs are small jobs that can easily be done by yourself. Whilst they are small jobs, they will make a difference as you don’t want anything negative to turn up on the property survey. If anything negative appeared on the property survey, it could cause you to lose a potential sale.

Deep Clean And Declutter Your Home

Cleaning your home from top to bottom, inside and out, will help to speed up selling a property. If your curtains and carpets could benefit from a deep clean, it will be worth the money spent. Whilst it is a time-consuming task to clean, other sellers on the market will not put much effort into cleaning – something potential buyers certainly notice.

Another way to help speed up the selling is by removing any clutter within your home. In doing so, you can make space feel bigger and potential buyers will give the impression that it is a tidy and well-ordered place to live.

Have Documentation On Hand

When looking to sell your property, you must have all the correct paperwork on hand, ready to give to the relevant person when needed. This could be proof of address, property title deeds, energy performance certificate and building work to name but a few.

One form of documentation that can help to push potential buyers to place an offer is an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). An EICR is a declaration from a qualified electrician following an inspection of all the wiring within the property. However, you will most likely have an EICR if you have recently had any rewiring or electrical replacements done to your house. If not, you might need an EICR report to provide to potential buyers to offer them peace of mind that the electrics within the property are perfectly fine. 

Potential buyers have walked away from putting an offer on a house if the documentation wasn’t ready. Having it on hand could be the difference between making the sale or not.

house sale

Define Each Room In The House

Over the years of living in a property, the initial function for each room begins to fade. What once was classed as a spare room is a storage room or what was originally a dining room is now an office. When preparing your house for showings, consider converting these spaces back into their original use.

In doing so, it can help you to sell for more because certain rooms hold a perceived greater value than others. For instance, potential buyers will perceive dining rooms as more valuable than an office, and spare bedrooms will be worth more than a storage room. In addition to this, converting these spaces back would be the perfect opportunity to make your home feel and look bigger.

Consider Going Neutral

Neutral colours are appealing to potential buyers. It will immediately brighten your home, creating the illusion of a bigger space – a major selling point for any property. Also, the neutral walls can make it easier to envisage themselves living in the space, which can be difficult to do when the walls feature bright and bold colours.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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