8 Ways to Switch Off During the Holiday Season

I’ve been thinking about the ways that I can switch off, unwind and relax as the busy season commences. I’ve Christmas to plan for, the blog’s getting busier as it always does around now, I’ve still studying to do and another assignment due in next week and the normal day to day and family life still needs my attention. I can already feel my head starting to spin!

So I’ve been thinking about ways in which I can switch off from it all. The little things, I mean, the things that I can squeeze into my days in amongst the million other things that need doing.

If you’re like this, too, then here are a few ideas to help you grab a little downtime during the madness, my 8 ways to switch off during the holiday season…

8 Ways to Switch Off During the Holiday Season


This is always going to be my first go-to when I need a break. For me, it tends to be a novel, as I read several a month. But it may also be a magazine, newspaper, gift guide (I love looking through a Christmas catalogue!) or a lovely blog.

Write letters

As you know, I like to send and receive a little snail mail. It’s slow, it’s relaxing, it involves pretty stationery. Wins all round.

Colour In

It seems that adult colouring books are all the rage at the moment, and I totally understand why. There is something so relaxing about colouring in.

Watch a film

For me, after a difficult day, I’m going to want a rom-com. I don’t want to think, I don’t want to need to concentrate, I just want a happy ending with a few laughs along the way.


Whether it be painting your nails, applying a face mask or just taking a moment to slather on some hand cream, it feels good to spend a few minutes on you.

Play music, and play it loud!

In this house, during daylight child-dominated hours, the TV and music are controlled by the kids. I do not get a look in. Not that I’m too bothered, but once in a while, it is great to pop something on just for me. I pretend that I cannot hear their protestations and turn it up that little bit louder. Throw in some dancing and it will always lighten my mood!

Take a Bath

If you’re a parent and you find time to do this, hats off to you! If you can do it without kids coming in and interrupting you, even better!

Switch off.

Even if I’m doing any of the above, chances are that I still have my phone on. Often on silent, but it still alerts and lures me so if I want to totally switch off, I switch the phone off. ‘Tis a rare thing, but I totally need it sometimes. A phone is a blogger’s curse!

So I have the ideas. I’m happy that I’ve figured out what works for me. I know, absolutely know, that I will need to do some, if not all of these things at some point over the coming weeks. I’m thinking I’ll aim to do at least one of them every day or so to keep me sane!

What about you? How do you switch off?

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