8K Flexwarm Heated Jacket Review

Have you ever tried a heated jacket? Have you ever been out and about in the cold and wished that you had a heated jacket? I know that I have! Read on to for my 8K Flexwarm Heated Jacket review and the chance to win one…

About 8K Flexwarm Heated Jackets

Designed to be worn in any weather conditions, our collection of lightweight, versatile heated jackets and gilets provide the perfect balance of warmth, weight and style.

Our intelligently engineered outerwear gives you the ability to adjust your temperature from an app as well as the capacity to charge your smartphone on the go. Keeping you warm, comfortable and connected.

8K Flexwarm Heated Jacket Review

I have received the 8K Flexwarm Heated Hoodie to review…

I am normally someone who feels relatively warm, though I have noticed in recent years that I have felt the chill of winter more than I have before (am I just getting old?!).

It’s usually the school runs, when I am standing around waiting for the kids to come out in the afternoons when I feel it most, so I have tested this coat on a few school runs to see whether it makes a difference.

And yes, yes, it really does.

The 8K Flexwarm Heated Hoodie is very easy to get ready and use.

It comes with a power bank that needs fully charging up for 6 hours before you use it for the first time. Once it’s charged, you connect it to the USB in the inside pocket of the jacket.

I have to say when I first saw this I thought it would be heavy and cumbersome, but it isn’t at all, you don’t realise that it’s there.

You are then good to go and can either download the ‘Powered by Flexwarm’ app to your phone or use the buttons on the jacket to control the heat.

I have been happy just using the buttons as they are easy to access. I have found that the battery lasts for two to three days worth of school runs for me and then I need to charge it.

That has been with full power on all zones, so I suspect it would last a little longer using the other options.

With the buttons, you can select your heat zones and then the temperature that you require.

You can set it to Low (40°), Medium (45°) or High (50°). Then you can opt for either the front, the back or all zones to be heated. It can reach its maximum heat within just 6 minutes.

My main concern with this jacket would be that I would feel too hot and uncomfortable in it, as I hate being too hot. But it’s really not that kind of heat.

It’s more of a toasty, snuggly, body heat kind of heat. Unless I am sitting back against something which makes the back panel press right against my body, it doesn’t feel hot.

I’m just aware that there’s a warm glow surrounding me, which is exactly how I want it to feel.

Having the buttons on the side means that I adjust it whenever I want to, and of course I am able to turn it off if I do feel too warm.

The sizes are on the small side, as I have a size XL, and I normally buy a size 14. The jackets are designed to be fitted, so the heat does not escape and you feel the benefit.

As you can see, there is an elasticated panel on either side at the bottom to allow for it to stretch, whilst still feeling snug against your body.

The jacket itself is very lightweight and not at all bulky, and machine washable. You would not think it could house such clever technology and get so lovely and warm.

I also like the style of it, it looks contemporary and understated. I’m pleased with the black option, though there are also navy blue, silver, red, orange and burgundy in the women’s range.

There are three jackets available, all with the same technology, the gilet, the jacket and the hoodie. You can see the full collection here. There are also the same three options in the men’s range. Prices start at £200.

The 8K Flexwarm jacket is just perfect for the school run.

As the temperatures have dropped over the last few days I have been using it daily and it has made a difference. I don’t feel the frosty bite in the air in the mornings, much to the irritation of my friends – yes, I fear they may soon wrestle me to the ground to steal my jacket from me!

Competition Time!

I now have one black 8K Flexwarm Heated Jacket worth £225 (mens or womens) to give away to one of my lucky readers! To be in with a chance of winning it, enter using the rafflecopter below. The competition is open worldwide, to over 18s only, and it closes at 12am 17th December 2018. Good luck!

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Do you need one of these in your life? Where would you wear your 8K Flexwarm Jacket?

Disclosure: I received this jacket FOC for the purposes of this review, though all opinions remain my own

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238 thoughts on “8K Flexwarm Heated Jacket Review”

  1. I would like to win one for my husband. He is a window cleaner so it would keep him warm whilst working all winter!

  2. Walking the dogs would be the main one with watching the football on a Sunday a close second in fact the opportunities for comfort are endless

  3. As I have a tendency to feel the cold these days (I’m already wearing two pairs of socks and it hasn’t got really cold yet this winter!) I’d wear it wherever and whenever I could – in the car (the heater in our ‘new’ car is so, er, useless I look like the Michelin man behind the wheel, complete with gloves), walking the dog, out-and-about shopping… This list could be endless!

  4. I’d wear it to work. I work at home. At a computer. It gets chilly and I spend most of the day wearing my hat and coat!

  5. I’d wear it whenever I go out walking on cold autumn/winter days and, especially, when I go to watch the Leicester Tigers play at Welford Road.

  6. Wow! What a great prize. I would wear it on the golf course and make my friends jealous that I was toasty warm. Thanks for the chance.

  7. I’m sitting her saying wow to myself as I hadn’t seen these before so am delighted to read your post. Have bookmarked the site, of course, and would wear all winter except in bed – honestly!

  8. I’d wear it on the commute to/from work each day. Waiting for delayed trains on windy platforms is rubbish, but I bet this would help a lot!

  9. I would wear this out dogwalking in the UK, but I would especially want to take it with me on holiday to Bolivia. I am going to the salt flats where temperatures can reach MINUS 20 DEGREES at night.

  10. I Live in Turkey and as it is to Expensive to buy a car here, have to travel around on a 3 wheel
    trike so it would be ideal when going out.

  11. On my allotment in the winter. You can only dig so much before you have to stop and then suddenly the cold hits you ouch

  12. How fab! I really feel the cold so I’d wear this a lot – on walks, at the school, shopping, everywhere really as it’s so cold at the minute!

  13. when I’m walking my dog, we go out every day whatever the weather, so this would be great to keep the Winter chills away

  14. Isabell Whitenstall

    I would give this jacket to my son who stands watching my grandson play football every Saturday come rain or shine. He gets freezing.

  15. I have a 90 minute wait for a train on Friday evenings when I’m working late, so I’d wear it to keep me warm during the long winter waits!

  16. I’d wear this jacket daily. I live in the north of Scotland and have a large dog that seems to relish being out in the cold and wet!

  17. On daily walks with my dogs trying to keep warm while
    they happily bound along the wet and windy beach without a care in the world

  18. I’d love to win one for my husband – he always feels the cold more than me in the winter, probably because he is a soft southerner whilst I am a hardy northern lass 😀 He would likely wear it pretty much everywhere when the temperature has dropped below 10C :o)

  19. I would love to win this its a great idea and because of health issues I always feel cold so it would be ideal when trying to get back out walking

  20. I can see me living in it from October to May! Mainly it will be for dog-related activities. Agility is held in an unheated riding school and at 10pm it is a trifle chilly, and then I’ve got to cycle home.

  21. This would be great to warm up after the boxing day dip at Chasewater, that water is going to be coooooolllllllld

  22. id take it on our annual ski trip, i dont ski i just watch the hubby and daughter this would be perfect for keeping me toasty

  23. My daughter is going on an expedition with the boys she teaches to th artic in February. I would give it to her so she could keep nice and warm.

  24. Amanda Richardson

    I’d wear it to when out and about walking and shopping. Would be perfect for my son too who works outside in all weathers all the year round

  25. I would wear this brilliant jacket to the beach on our walks with the dog, and to the shops when it is icy and freezing weather

  26. I’d wear it everywhere, would be especially handy as I carry my son in a baby sling sometimes so it would keep us both warm on our travels x

  27. This would be great for walking the dog in for when I go fishing with my other half. Looks great as well as being warm.

  28. I have seen these advertised, they seem such a great idea! It’s just with how much they cost I wouldn’t necessarily go out and just buy one… it would be great for my early starts at work during the winter!

  29. I’d wear this every time my six year old son plays his football matches and trains! I’ve got years to come of freezing at the pitch side, it would be a godsend!

  30. I’d wear it everywhere through the icy cold winters we have here in the UK. And any ski or other cold destinations I visit

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