9 Strategies For Helping Your Child Explore Future Career Options

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Most parents instinctively want what’s best for their children. This may be even more true for Singapore’s expat population, as many in the community have uprooted themselves from their familiar lives back home so that they can better provide for their families. Those that have brought over their families to the city-state also face unique opportunities and challenges in raising their children in such a distinct environment. 

Young expat children in Singapore will often grow up with various privileges and advantages, thanks to the country’s high living standards, public safety, and cosmopolitan culture. However, their future career successes are not assured by any means. Much of the responsibility of ensuring they grow up to be productive, self-actualized individuals mostly rests upon their parents. If you’re an expat parent that wants their child to succeed in life, here are some strategies that will help them choose the right careers:

1) Remain Open-Minded

Children are rather susceptible to ideas, good and bad. It’s not unusual for younger children or even teens to express interest in entering an impractical or downright delusional career. While you should definitely provide a proper counterargument to dissuade your child from making a bad decision, you should also be open to them exploring their interests. Doing so will not only help preserve your relationship, but it might also encourage them to become more curious, ultimately helping them in making the right choices in the future.


2) Consider Sending Your Child to an IB School

International Baccalaureate (IB) schools offer a unique pedagogical approach that encourages critical thinking, cultural awareness, and developing a well-rounded skill set. If you can afford to send your child to accredited IB schools in Singapore, you’ll be providing them with a solid foundation for succeeding in any career they choose.

3) Talk Shop with Your Child

Engage in open conversations about your career with your child. Explaining what you and other people at your workplace do will do much to demystify your professional life for your child. Even little anecdotes and seemingly inconsequential details about your job can give your child a better idea of what career they want to pursue.

4) Keep Yourself Informed About Technology and Marketing Trends

The viability of different careers is highly dependent on external forces like market preferences and new technological breakthroughs. Fortunately, Singapore is a particularly good place to feel the pulse of global tech research and market sentiments. Keeping abreast of developments in these areas should help you better mentor and prepare your child for whatever career landscape they will experience when they graduate.

5) Encourage Your Child to Seek Part-Time Employment

Singapore provides numerous part-time job opportunities for young people, including international students from select institutions. Encouraging your child to take advantage of these experiences should help them develop essential skills and enhance their understanding of potential career paths, giving them a serious edge when they rejoin the workforce after graduating.

6) Get Them Interested in Community Work

Part-time jobs are not the only places where your child can gain valuable life experiences. As an expat, you probably already have at least as few connections with community-oriented organizations. Encouraging your child to participate in these and other types of non-profit groups will not only contribute to their personal growth but also expose them to different professions.

7) Actively Engage with Your Child

If you’re disinterested in what your child does, you’ll be in a worse position to guide them toward making the right choices. You should always make the time to meaningfully interact with your child, no matter how hectic expat life can get in Singapore. Working to maintain that crucial connection with your child should help secure your authority as a parent, allowing you to better steer your child towards the right decisions.

8) Stoke a Love of Learning in Your Child

Make it a point to encourage your child to pursue hobbies and explore subjects outside their academic curriculum. Imparting a genuine love for learning will not only empower them to choose the right career but should also lead to a more fulfilled personal life.

9) Stay Informed of Your Child’s Interests

Children can be quite fickle at times, so it’s important to keep tabs on whatever it is your child is interested in at the moment. Remaining observant and engaged in whatever captures their attention is crucial for effectively supporting their career choices. Take the time to talk to their teacher or even their close friends to get a better idea of how best to guide your child. 

Parents are more than just order-givers or sources of wisdom—they also need to provide active guidance and mentorship to their children. And while parents will always feel the desire to steer their children to what they believe is in their best interests, they also need to recognize that their children are individuals that need to figure out their own lives for themselves. That said, rather than compelling them to do things for their own good, it’s usually a better idea to encourage children to be the best version of themselves. This will not only help children succeed in their future careers but should also lay the foundations for healthier self-esteem and relationships as they mature into adulthood.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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