9 Things That We Are Most Looking Forward To On Our Disney World Holiday

Our Disney World holiday is most definitely within our sights now. With less than a month to go, it’s starting to feel quite real. I have lists of the things that I still need to organise, but I think I’m on top of it. Which means that we can concentrate more on the fun stuff, talking about the things that we are most excited about. As this is our second visit with the kids, I think we’re all feeling more relaxed about it this time round. We know what’s what, we know how to plan effectively, we know our way around, and we know that we all love it there. Although it wasn’t that long ago when we visited, about twenty months ago, there have been quite a few changes for us to check out and we have had time to think about everything that we loved and absolutely must do and see again! Today I thought I’d share with you the 9 things that we are most looking forward to on our Disney World holiday.

Checking out the resort

We are staying onsite at Disney World again, but we are staying at a different resort this time, the Caribbean Beach Resort. As such, we are all looking forward to checking out the resort.

It was actually our first choice resort when we went last time, but as there was a lot of construction going on there, we switched to stay at Port Orleans French Quarter instead. We are excited to be staying there this time, especially as the centre has had a full refurbishment and they now have the addition of the new Disney Skyliner. This is also up there on our list to try as it is Disney transport that connects us very quickly with other resorts and two of the parks. We are hoping it’s faster than the buses and it looks fun to ride.

Meeting Mickey Mouse

Little Man is keen on this one. I don’t know whether we will take the time to see as many characters as we did last time, that’s up to the kids. They have new autograph books at the ready, so we will see. But of course, we have to go and meet Mickey Mouse, some things just have to be done.

We plan to meet him on our first day there, start the holiday right!

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Where to start with this one? The Husband and I grew up with Star Wars and have seen all of the new ones at the cinema as soon as they’ve come out, so yes, I’d say we’re fans. The kids have also seen them all and I think Little Man owns pretty much every figure and vehicle available. Galaxy’s Edge is a big thing for us. The new rides look amazing especially Rise of the Resistance, we just hope we can get a boarding pass to ride it.

We are booked into Oga’s Cantina bar for drinks and the kids have booked into the Droid Depot so that they can build their own droids.

Favourite rides and attractions

Of course we all have our favourite rides and attractions that we are keen to experience again. From Soarin’ to Flight Of Passage to Fantasmic to Pandora at night, the list could go on and on. We are keen to revisit our favourites, try new ones, ride certain things several times and take in as many of the shows as we can.

Blizzard Beach

Last time we went, we arrived at Blizzard Beach to beautiful sunshine, had some lunch, found a nice spot to sit and then…the storm rolled in! And it didn’t stop, and so we left. I’d say the kids had all of ten minutes in the water, if that.

We are going at a cooler time of year, but I am hoping that we get enough sunshine to hit the water park for a few hours at some point. I have planned it in for a couple of different times during our holiday, so fingers crossed that the weather plays ball for at least one of those times.

The little Disney World touches

We are looking forward to the little Disney World touches that are all a part of the experience. Things like the magic bands, the resort mugs, the pin trading (the kids adore pin trading and have some new ones to take this time), the friendly cast members, the Disney transport and the shows and attractions dotted around the parks.

Toy Story Land

I adore Toy Story Mania, that’s one of my favourite rides. Then in addition to that, Toy Story Land has opened since our last visit. We all enjoy the films so we are all excited to check out the land and ride on that Slinky Dog coaster. I have managed to get a couple of Fast Passes for us to ride it as it’s a popular one.

All the food!

We are on the Quick Service Disney Dining Plan again, so we will be eating onsite throughout the holiday. This means we can eat in the parks and at any of the resorts, there are plenty of restaurants for us to choose from.

I love lunch at Be Our Guest, and the grey stuff really is delicious. Then there are all of the snacks that we enjoy, the Cheshire Cat Tail, Warm Cinnamon Roll from Gaston’s Tavern, Night Blossom, Dole Whip, Mickey Pretzel, and so much more! We have also got our eye on a few restaurants and snacks that we are keen to try this time, from Woody’s Lunchbox to the Ronto Wrap.

Being together

We are with each other 24/7 as we all share a room too.  I love having the kids and the Husband with me all of the time. Especially as we’ll be having all of these fun and memorable adventures together.

The only thing, the only niggle, is how much I am going to miss Herbie! I know he’ll have a great time at my mum’s and she’ll spoil him rotten, but I will miss my Herbie cuddles. At least it’ll be something to look forward to as the holiday comes to an end.

If you’ve been to Disney World, or are planning to go, what are your favourite things?


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    1. I know, we’re so excited! The time really has flown by. Loads of changes to see, as well as all of our favourite things, can’t wait! Thank you! x

  1. Cannot wait for your reviews as we stayed at Caribbean beach during the renovation and are returning in July – stopping in pirate rooms! X

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