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A Breast Cancer Update

Today I want to share a breast cancer update. I feel like it’s important to share a little about my journey here, it’s a huge part of my life so it feels disingenuous not to. At the same time, I don’t want it to take over this space, take all over all that I do, …

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That Was Our Summer

And just like that, the kids are back to school and that was our summer. They’re both back now, my boy in Year 6 his last year at primary school, and my daughter into Year 9. We’ve got a meeting at her school this week covering GCSE options, no easing us in on this! To …

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school desk

As The School Year Ends

How are we already at the end of another school year?  I distinctly remember having a chat with a friend in October, I can picture where we were at the time, talking about the end of the year and thinking it was ages away, and yet that chat feels like last week! My daughter’s just …

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A Life Update

This isn’t a post that I’d expected to be writing, yet here I am. I found out last month that I have breast cancer.  I had surgery last week and I’m now on the road to recovery from that before my treatment begins, which will depend upon the outcome of my surgery. It’s a funny …

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Living in the Present

Whilst Stumbling the other day, I came across this quote.. I’m sure I’m not the first person to reflect that he is indeed a wise man! These are easy traps to fall into in today’s world. Before Boo’s arrival, I was all about my work. I was good at it, I was respected and I …

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