A Bedroom Fit For A 5 year Old Girl

As I mentioned last week, we have given Boo’s bedroom a full makeover. I shared a couple of pictures over on Instagram, and as people were telling me they liked it, I thought I’d share a bit more here for you, along with the details of where we got everything from (mainly good old Ikea!)

Boo’s had the same carpet in her room that we’d had from when we moved in ten years ago, along with furniture that we bought then, too. She helped us choose a new carpet last weekend, and her main specification was that it be soft! So we went for that, got it fitted with new underlay, too, and then I dropped the kids over to my mum’s for the night so that the Husband and I could make an evening trip to Ikea, as it’s so much quieter at night, and loaded up the van with a serious amount of new furniture!

Boo’s bed was the only thing we kept, and it’s one that she chose as a two year old when she was ready to move out of her cot. We love it, and it’s now extended from it’s toddler bed size to a full single anyway. It didn’t quite fit into her alcove with the skirting board getting in the way, so the Husband hammered the leg in a bit to squeeze it in – perfect!

Girl's Bedroom Makeover, including cute little postbox

We bought her the new raspberry duvet set, and then I got a bright pink ribbon and tied her new postbox (Kids Concept) to the foot of her bed. She is now expecting daily post..! We’d already got the pretty fairy-lights for around the bed stead, which I bought a little while back in a Paperchase sale.

We went for the same wardrobes that we bought for Little man last year, the STUVA ones. I like how versatile they are, and they’re quite slim, too, at just 60cm wide. In between them, we popped a BILLY bookcase as she desperately needed some shelves now that she’s into her chapter books, as well as to house her picture book collection.

Girls bedroom makeover details

We then wanted to create her a desk space. My daughter loves to write, just like me, and I wanted to give her an area for all of her stationery and a set up that means that she’ll enjoy doing her homework there for years to come (yes, my girl does enjoy homework…for now!). When I spotted the KALLAX desk combination, I knew it would be perfect and it fits brilliantly into her alcove, too. It gives her a lot of storage space and a nice big desk. We bought 4 pink cubes to store things in, as well as leaving some of the cubes open.

Girls bedroom makeover, including great storage and desk space

I enjoyed setting all of this up for her, and also chose her hot pink pen pots, a new clock and white lamp, bright enough for her to read by of an evening. We had looked at a pink adjustable height chair for her, but as it spins around, I could already envision the arguments and chaos that this would bring, so we went with a simple white seat- cheaper, too!

She’s now got so much more floor space than she had before, it feels bright and open, and yet, we have been able to fit loads more into the room. We’ve bought things that seem to make the best use of the space available, and it’s meant that many of her things that were in the playroom have now moved into her bedroom, making the playroom look tidier and bigger, too!

Unless I’ve specified otherwise, any items mentioned here were from Ikea. It’s not a sponsored post, we simply bought a lot in Ikea!

Girls full bedroom makeover

The verdict? Boo absolutely loves it. She is in there so much now, usually writing at her desk, and is so proud that she’s been inviting various people round to look at it! I’m so pleased that she likes it, and I think and hope that we’ve created a room that will grow with her, too.

What do you think?

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32 thoughts on “A Bedroom Fit For A 5 year Old Girl”

  1. That’s fantastic – I remember when my bedroom was ‘made new’ when I was a child. It was so exciting! Love the postbox idea – perfect for delivery from the International Elf service on the lead up to Christmas ;).

  2. Thank you so much for posting this! It’s such a gorgeous room – definitely need a trip to IKEA. I am wanting the Kallax for storage in the girls room when we move. Her postbox though Is just Devine!! I want one for myself xx

  3. I like what you’ve done with her bedroom. Our daughter also has a lot of pink in hers. We don’t have an Ikea near us sadly so Wilko it is for storage boxes but I don’t think they have anything like the kallax.

    1. Thank you. Ah, that’s a shame, though I think they’re online, too? The kallax desk thing is proving to be brilliant.

  4. I love this Jocelyn, it is perfect for a little girl. The post box is one of the cutest things I have ever seen. I also love her quilt cover, so pretty. I bet you were in your element setting up her desk, I would have been. I buy lots from Ikea, my bedroom posts will seem like sponsored ones to ha! X

  5. Aah Jocelyn — it’s really, really lovely!! Good old IKEA indeed — I absolutely love the place!!!

    I’ll bet Boo’s over the moon with her lovely new room 🙂 I remember SO vividly when I had new bedroom furniture as a child. The smell was so evocative — when I smell new chipboard and melamine now it totally takes me back 🙂 I had a ‘captain’s bed’ with a desk in it and I absolutely loved it!!! Thanks so much linking in with us on #HomeEtc — we really do appreciate it 🙂

    Caro | http://www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk

  6. It looks great – and you’re right it’s one that will grow with her, which must be so important and not to have anything too babyish. Love that she’s inviting people up to see it, a sign she loves it ! #homeetc

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